How quick is your comeback?
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How quick is your comeback?

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My people, how are you doing today? Thank God it’s Monday. I know, I know, I sound like oversabi abi? I had told a friend over the weekend that I can’t wait for it to be over and he said that’s weird. It’s not like I kuku like work o, it’s just that the weekend was so boring. I also couldn’t afford to keep on wasting my mobile data on some heavy internet stuff.

So I wanted to share something with you and I hope it propels you to constantly work on your comeback time. I hope that it will help you to stop lying low for too long.

When you mess up and go through the backsliding phase, or to put it mildly, you get disconnected from the Source, how long does it take to get back on track? What influences the courage and the confidence and the trust that you’d be accepted again by God? When you mess up so bad in your career or in life generally, how quick is your comeback?

Many times we fall and stay there for a very long time because we think that we have fallen too short. We begin to beat ourselves up and feel guilty because “who would accept a wretched, constantly disconnected, filthy human like me?”

Pleasantly ironic is that God is not like this. We judge and assess him based on our own human standards. So we think, when we keep disappointing this friend of ours, we expect him to forever shut the door and never be there for us again. This is what happens in human interactions. Fortunately for us, God is not human. He doesn’t think like us humans. Oh the never-ending love of God!

He is filled with so much love and Grace and kindness. He is big enough to take in all of our lapses. He has such a big heart. He knows what we are capable of, all of our flaws and ugliness and still stays faithful. He isn’t punishing you for falling. His arms are wide open.

Well, you may have to suffer the natural consequences of your misbehavior but God isn’t condemning you, he is ready to receive you every time you come back. This is even if you have to come back 70 times in just one day.

So stand up, enough of your self-condemnation.

Have a fabulous week ahead. Plenty loves.

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