How Natural Hair Products Saved My Face and Skin….

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Natural hair products makes my skin glow so bright

It is without doubt that the care for natural hair is intense and the results are usually beautiful .

The bug of natural hair has bitten almost every lady you can see around. If the hair is not locked, it is styled in amazing ways that leaves heads turning. Maintaining natural hair is easy as well as tasking. It can also be cost intensive for product freaks.

My dear naturalista, what shall it profit you to have a beautiful natural hair and an ugly natural face? What shall you give in exchange for your face?  Really , it is not a joking matter. I sailed this boat for a long time before I decided on bit of experiment.

Here are some things that helped me scale through my ugly faced days from my natural hair stock. Beautiful thing is that you do not need to break the bank.


As a naturalista, oils are of essential value to the health of the hair. For hot oil treatments and preparing, oils cannot be ruled out.

It is generally taken that oils should be kept away from the face to avoid acne. Trust me, you would not want coconut oil to leave your face if you know how it keeps your skin radiant, with an amazing glow you never thought you had.

Also, coconut oil lightens your dark spots till your skin tone becomes even.


The fact that glycerin is used in the retention of moisture in the hair follicles is enough reason to keep that unnecessary dryness away from your face. This will help in preventing breakouts.

Also, a mixture of glycerin and baking soda lightens up dark spots on the face. This passes for a night facial cleanser perfectly. It works through the night without any interaction with toxins leaves the face fresh in the morning .

Egg White

Masking the face with egg white is synonymous with feeding the face with protein, just like the hair. Egg whites boost the face’s glow and takes care of dead cells.


For people with dry skin, honey is the deal breaker. Honey gives your skin a glow and radiance that comes from within. Honey fights bacteria too, hence it keeps anything stray off while you are at other things.

The hacks of using your hair products on your face is not limited to these . There are spices and herbs for hair care that also works for the face.

Turmeric and  Cinnamon are good examples of such herbs . They tone and maintain the skin with an addition of radiance to it.

You never thought naturally getting and maintaining your “real” face would be that easy right?

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