How frequently should I blog?

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One of the very many concerns of new bloggers is how frequently they should blog. In fact, after they are all settled, they have the blog and are ready to fly, next to ‘when can I start making money?’ is ‘so how frequently should I blog?’

So, here is the gist. You see, there are no right and wrong answers to this, no absolute rules. This is one of the reasons why I say blogging is a career path in which you can decide to do stuff on your own terms. You dictate your flow and rhythm.

After launching your new blog, you are most likely to get high traffic because oh well, your friends and family want to see what’s going on. If you are lucky, their own friends too want to see what’s going on but as soon as this phase wanes, reality sets in and you begin to properly understand what it means to look for blog readers.

Okay, so now that you are gradually becoming the blogger- I mean the one person that gets the idea, writes about it, publishes and then sets out to look for readers- you begin to set your pace according to your capacity and what can satisfy the loyalists that remained from the first traffic surge (at least, till you find more consistent blog readers).

The process of finding balance between crafting new blog posts and publishing them depends on how flexible you can be to merge your capacity with what’s going on on your blog. It also depends on your niche and the nature of what you post. It is very advisable that you frequently check out what’s going on on other blogs and what other successful bloggers in your niche are doing.

Say, you blog about leather. You are definitely not in a fast paced niche. It is very much likely to find people in your niche blogging only once per week or twice per month, once per month even. If you decide to stand out and do something different, you might begin to blog once in a week until you are stable enough (content wise) to go twice in a week . Now you see that there is no hard and fast rule here, however you have to be sensitive to your audience, their attention span and feedback.

If you are a news blogger, that’s definitely a fast paced niche. People in your niche are blogging at least five times in a day. You pick what you are comfortable with until you can up your game.

Whatever routine you pick, make sure that as soon as you conclude on going that way, you let your readers know. Let them have a glimpse of how frequently they should expect new content. Letting your readers know will also get you committed to deliver what you have promised.

What matters more than ‘how frequently you should blog’ is consistency. This is what makes them trust you. If you want to blog daily, do so. If you want to blog twice weekly, then go for it. Blogging three times in a week is an average frequency. But like I said, this all depends on what’s going on in your niche and how much quality content you can churn out within that time frame.

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