15+ Holiday Blog Post Ideas

Sharing is caring!1001sharesHey Blogger, how’s the holiday moving? It’s possible you have already been cooking up holiday blog posts for your blog. I have decided to make this easy with my list of holiday blog post ideas. This holiday blog post ideas will be useful for you as a Blogger, no matter your niche. If you are a fashion Blogger, beauty Blogger, lifestyle Blogger, music Blogger, entertainment Blogger, whatever kind of Blogger you are, these holiday blog post ideas will provide a good content plan for you. 1. New Years Eve Outfit Ideas This will suit you the most if you are a fashion Blogger. Share with your blog readers, what you plan to wear on New year’s eve. You can also share with them ideas on what they can wear for the new years eve. You can even share a late post, well after the new year on what you wore for a New Year’s Eve dinner. Topic ideas 1. What I wore for New Year’s Eve 2. Steller ideas on what to wear for New Year’s Eve 3. New Year’s Eve outfit ideas 4. All Black New Year’s Eve Inspo 5. How to revamp your last New Year’s Eve outfit for this year. 6. Best colour combinations for New Year’s Eve 2. Favorite holiday songs You can prepare a list of songs that you love to have on your phone for Christmas. This is also an excellent holiday blog post idea for music Bloggers. Music Bloggers can prepare a holiday mix for their blog readers. Topic Ideas 1. My top 10 favorite holiday songs 2. Special holiday mix 3. My Favorite Christmas Songs 4. New Music: holiday song releases 5. Songs to listen to this holiday 3. Holiday wish list What would you love to have the most this holiday season? Write a post on your wish list this holiday season. You can also urge your blog readers to share with you their wish lists too. It would definitely be fun to read a list of what your blog readers fancy the most. Topic Ideas 1. My Holiday wish list 2. What’s your holiday wish list? 4. Favorite holiday movies What movies do you never get tired of seeing during the holidays? Share the list with your blog readers. This is also a superb holiday blog post idea for Movie Bloggers. You can share a compilation of movies showing this holiday season, their movie trailers and what they should expect. Topic ideas 1. Top cinema movies this season 2. Movies I watch every holiday 3. My best holiday movie list 4. What to watch this season 5. Our top 10 all-time favorite holiday movies 5. Favorite holiday activities What do you love to do most during the holidays? I personally love to go out to the beach or see a movie with friends. If you are in Lagos, I have reviewed a few beaches for you, you can click on each to check them out and compare. Elegushi beach Oniru beach Lekki leisure lake Santa Cruz beach Topic ideas 1. My Holiday beach experience 2. What I don’t miss during the holidays 6. New year goals What are your plans for the new year? This holiday blog idea is one of the most popular ones for the festive season. Let your blog readers have a peek into what the new year is about to look like. Topic ideas 1. My New year goals 2. Last year in retrospect 3. What’s your new year going to be like? 7. Holiday food recipes No serious food Blogger misses this post. I see a lot of food Bloggers developing and writing really awesome food content for the holidays. Create an easy, interesting or really new food recipe to share with your readers and fans this holiday season. Topic ideas 1. Slow cooking recipes for the holidays 2. Recipe revamp! 3. Best dishes for breakfast this holiday 4. Healthy meals to make this holiday 8. Holiday gift ideas Whether it is how to wrap gifts for the holidays or last minute gift ideas or gift ideas for loved ones, pick any of them and share on your blog. If you like, you might give examples of gifts that you have shared in times past with people during the holiday period. Topic ideas 1. Holiday gift ideas for your boyfriend/girlfriend 2. Last minute gift wrapping styles 3. Affordable gift shops in (state, area, country) 4. Online gift shops to buy holiday gifts from 5. Secret Santa gift ideas 9. What you love the most about the holidays Well, if you ask me, I love the harmattan the most during the holidays. The smell of harmattan is so calming and beautiful. It always reminds me of previous holidays. Beautiful memories flood my head at the first smell of harmattan. You can also decide to share what you love the most about Christmas/New year or Thanksgiving holidays. Topic ideas 1. What I love most about Christmas 2. Favourite New year traditions I love 10. Holiday bucket list ideas What have you been dying to do the whole year? What would you love to do before the end of the year or this new year? Share your bucket list with your blog readers. Topic ideas 1. My holiday bucket list ideas 2. What do you want to do before the end of this year? 3. Top 10 bucket list ideas for the holidays 11. Holiday travel I told one of my Blogger friends who mentioned that she would be going to Sweden to not forget to develop as many ideas as possible for her blog. Don’t waste your holiday travel fun. Create content out of it for your readers. Share pictures, exciting moments and notable places they can see when they get to the destination. Be as resourceful and fun as possible. Topic Ideas 1. My xyz travel experience 2. Places I plan to visit the holiday 3. My holiday travel bucket list 4. What … Continue reading 15+ Holiday Blog Post Ideas