Hello, What’s Your Personality Type?

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Knowing your personality type is extremely important. Like, very very important. We humans are so different from each other; we behave so differently from each other that sometimes, we don’t even understand why our neighbour acts the way they do.
Understanding yourself and those around you is extremely important. And the fact is we all have different personalities, so much that we can’t be boxed into one category entirely. But we can be summed up. A general look at the way you behave might correspond with another person’s, placing you in the same personality type as that person.
We are aware that there are people with very large numbers of friends, these people are very social, while some people prefer to keep a small number of friends, who usually are very dear to them and these people are quite generally calm in nature. Some people are more organized than others and more of other variations like that. These are all variations in the way we behave as people.
That is why taking a personality test is important. A personality test helps you understand yourself better. It helps you identify your unique traits and how you can harness them for the growth of yourself and the society.
Personality tests also help you understand the people you’ve had difficulty understanding through reading up on their personality type and understanding how to relate with them. It explains why they do what they do and why they are so different from you. It helps you build solid relationships with your loved ones when you read up on their personality types because it helps you understand them better. It’s very similar to zodiac signs. Everyone in Nigeria keep screaming their zodiac sign on social media and telling others what makes it so special. Your personality type is even more real.
It is still a debate as to what is responsible for the differing personality traits in humans. Some say it’s nature. That is, an individual is born with his unique personality traits. And some say it’s nurture. That is, the environment dictates and moulds a person’s personality. I don’t have a side I am picking. I will say both play a role in a person’s personality type. Simple.
So, how can you take a personality test? Or how do you know your personality type? There are many personality tests online, developed by psychologists and each one has its categories of classifying people. But I’ll recommend ONE you can try. You know.. to better understand yourself.
I recommend MBTI one hundred percent! The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a personality instrument test famous for its mouth-gaping accuracy. It was developed by Isabel Myers Briggs and her mother Katharine shortly after the completion of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s work, ‘Psychological Types.’ Although it has not gained audience in Nigeria yet.
The MBTI groups people broadly into two types, Introvert and Extrovert and more narrowly into 16 different types. MBTI is fun to take, educative and nearly accurate. Some critics have said MBTI has no scientific basis, but who cares when I find it very accurate?
According to MBTI, I am of the INFJ personality type.
That is, I am Introverted, Intuitive, a Feeler, and a Judger. There are 15 other types;
You will need to read up more on the internet on the different personalities. And it’s because I’m not a MBTI practitioner so I can’t give detailed explanations of the types. And yes, there are MBTI practitioners who specialise in MBTI. And trust me, it’s amazing when I read up on my type’s description that is about INFJ, and find somethings so strikingly accurate.
Like for instance, INFJs are all about self- improvement. From reading every psychology article they can find to taking online self discovery tests. And we are usually always online, at least very frequently, we can be found reading articles or something like that. We are also called the counsellors. We are the Martin Luther King type, the Oprah Winfrey type, the Gandhi type. And I found all those in the description of INFJ and it resonates with me very much because it’s very true.
MBTI also helps in relationship matches as well. Any type can work in a relationship with other healthy types but some personalities are better suited for each other.

So, personality tests are important overall really.

Have you taken the MBTI test before? If so, you can share your MBTI type with me in the comments below. And if you’ve not taken it before, be sure to click on the link I provided above. You’ll enjoy it really and you’ll learn a lot about yourself. A lot.
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