Handling unpleasant smells from the vagina and the pubic area

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“I want to talk about eliminating the different unpleasant smells from the vagina and the pubic area.”- Sally


Do you know that your pubic area can have the exact same smell that comes from your armpit, that your inner and outer vagina lips can also smell the same? Have you noticed this?

The same glands that cause sweat in the armpits are also at work down there and smells like that are usually more noticeable on a hot day or when a woman is breastfeeding.
Normally, it is said that the sweat is not supposed to have an odor, but bacteria, the presence of too much pubic hair, skin oil and other things are responsible for the smell. I’m not a dermatologist, I would have told you more. I’m only here to help you deal with such smells.

Another place where you can have this odor is in-between your thighs and the pubic area. I call it leg-pit. If you look at the diagram, the exact place where the long line that labels the vulva rests is what I’m talking about.

So, how do you handle this smell?

1. Make sure you are always trimmed and shaved. Too much hair traps smells, sweat, oils and bacteria. No matter how much you wash it daily, it’s still not as clean as a clean-shaved pubis.

2. Always wash clean. I don’t particularly recommend using sponges. Too much of exfoliating is not so good for the skin. Use a feminine wash and rub the place (the mons pubis, not vagina) with a soft sponge. Don’t scrub every day. It doesn’t really change anything. The sweat will return.Don’t wash the vagina with a sponge.

3. Use deodorant. Your feminine wash probably has a deo spray for the pubic area. There are also pubic roll ons. Apply in the places I pointed out – the mons pubis, the vagina lips and the leg-pits. Pubic sprays are totally safe. For me, I use my normal deodorant (not spray). The only place I don’t apply it is on my inner lips. I would roll it on my finger and apply so that it would be precise and so that it won’t be too much.

4. Always wear cotton pants. They handle sweat better and are less likely to encourage growth of bacteria.

5. Be clean. Wash always, smell nice, eat lots of fruits, drink plenty of water. Have the mindset that somebody will give you head every day. You don’t want them going down there and running away because of smell, do you?


If you look at the diagram, you will see the clitoris, the inner vagina lips and the outer vagina lips.
Now, when you have your normal discharge, not all of it gets trapped by your panty (that’s if you’re wearing any), it travels around and enters every space it can fill, because it is fluid. You notice that sometimes, it even reaches the leg-pits (when you’re really aroused). So what happens when it enters those little folds and crevices like the clitoral hood, the inner lips, the outer lips, between the inner and outer lips? It leaves a funky smell. We all know that smell. That one you get when you haven’t showered in a bit, that comes from touching your clit. The type that some men weirdly like. Lol.

Now, the problem a lot of women have is that they think this smell comes from the vagina itself. No, it doesn’t. The vaginal secretions, when one is not having an infection, ranges from almost odorless to just plain vaginal smell, tinged with whatever you could have eaten that was strong enough to affect it. The vaginal smell is actually sweet-smelling and not offensive at all.

So note that the smell you get from around your clit and the inner and outer labia is not from the vagina itself; it’s from the secretions that were trapped by the folds and sometimes combined with the other sweaty secretions I described above. Please, do not go dipping your finger into your vagina to clean it up. It is not to blame. That place is self-cleansing. Do not douche. Simply wash the outside and around the folds with a feminine wash, rinse and pat dry.

Practice using a wash once a day and ordinary water one more time or twice, depending on your choice. Clean between the folds. Gently scrape out dried secretions if there are any.


Unless you ate something that has a strong smell, any odor that comes directly from your baby hole is a sign of an infection. Carry yourself to the gyno shaperly. Oh, and be sure that you didn’t forget a tampon there.

Please ladies, take care of your kitty. Since I started treating mine right, I had less infections. In fact, I can brag that I haven’t had an infection since July last year.

Always wash up after sex, including between your butt cheeks where all the wetness likes to go to.
Don’t leave your pads and tampons in for too long, and also try to wash in-between changes. Some ladies don’t see the need for this but they also are not aware that they are probably stinking during their periods. I had a neighbor in school who guys couldn’t even visit when she was on her period because of the stench. I’m irritated now just remembering it.

My dear, you cannot be too mindful of how your kitty smells. Make it a habit to know your smell so that when something is off, you can pick it out instantly.

Pic credit: Naija News Plus

Writer: Sally Dadzie

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