Unbelievable! Guava Leaves for Weight Loss

Rarely do I have discussions with friends without closing on the weight loss note. I am exasperated myself. So, I was on a roll with someone and as usual we ended up talking about weight and how I never lose weight eventually and how it sucks! Then she mentioned it, guava leaves for weight loss. Guys, guava leaves. Ah! Guava leaves for slimming down, great.

So I became inquisitive, of course. Well, I spent the rest of the day on Google, asked a few questions from some folks who seem to have heard about using guava leaves for weight loss. Apparently it has been trending for a while and I seem to be living in a guavaless hole. Guava leaves for weight loss reviews have been raving too, reviews have been

Guava is one of those fruits you eat once in a year. Okay, maybe not that less frequently but until you have its tree planted close to where you live or where you work, forget it, you aren’t going to ever remember it until there is an opportunity. I used to eat it in Unilorin then because the guava tree was close to my hostel. If you know PG / Scientific Hostel, gather round, let’s take a selfie in the comments section.

Guava, interestingly, is a wonder fruit and it’s so pleasant to know that not only the guava fruit itself works to help in the weight loss process, guava leaves too are superb!

How does guava leaves help in weight loss?

Now, I am going to say some things here and they may not work with popular opinions and that’s absolutely fine. See, no leaf, fruit, slimming tea or anything in themselves have an active ingredient of some sort to cause a weight loss magic. Nothing! In fact, over consumption of some of the things believed to cause weight loss might actually induce weight gain.

Why? You may overconsume to the point where you shoot past your recommended daily calorific intake. This brings me to this fact – it’s all about calories. That’s why you’d never lose weight if you are not sound in mathematics. Kidding, lol.

You need to be able to balance how much calories you take in and how much you expend. What these fruits and teas and leaves do is to aid, help, induce weight loss. They have ingredients and substances that help to aid digestion, regulate metabolism (increase, in many effective cases), reduce bloating etc. They may also have the ability to fill you up faster so much that you are rarely hungry soon. They could also have active ingredients that release enzymes to cause you to experience hunger pangs very less frequently.

Guava leaf tea improves your digestive system. Now, one of the reasons why we may find it difficult to lose weight, especially in the stomach area is if we are becoming too bloated as a result of indigestion, or slow digestion. What guava leaf does is that it helps to regulate your body metabolism. It also aids in the secretion of digestive enzymes.

Guava leaves also help to relieve stress. The tea works wonders on you when you are stressed. We all know that stress is a major contributor to weight gain, especially in the tummy. Losing belly fat is probably one of the most difficult weight loss goals.

How to make guava leaves tea for weight loss

How to take guava leaves for weight loss. You can make it into powder and use as you want. You can also make it into a tea.

Here’s a simple way to prepare guava leaves tea. You will need ; guava leaves and honey. Other additional things are optional and truth is that other things are added to enhance taste and smell, that’s all.

Boil a glass of water, add the guava leaves and other things you might want to add. Let it all now boil for about 10-12 minutes.

Use a filter cloth or sieve with almost invisible holes to filter the tea.

Now, add honey to it. Honey too is optional. There you go, your guava tea.

How long do you have to take guava leaves to lose weight?

How long you have to take guava leaves for weight loss depends on your body and all the other weight loss tactics you are employing combined. Some people say it takes 3 days to 1 week to lose weight with guava leaves but I must say that this is all false hopes and lies. Nothing makes you lose weight that fast except it is surgery.

Never depend on guava leaves entirely for weight loss. Remember what I said earlier about guava leaves not being the weight loss magic potion but a catalyst and aid on your weight loss journey. Yeah, it’s that simple.

I want to give this a try, leisurely. I am not putting on any pressure. I just want to try guava tea for weight loss, or maintenance, whatever. Are you trying it soon? Should we go on a challenge guys? Let me know in the comments section.

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