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Gold Statue by Tade Ogidan is very hilarious

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Gold Statue by Tade Ogidan (Movie Trailer)

Gold Statue Official trailer

Gold Statue Movie Teaser

Gold statue by Tade Ogidan

Two young graduates are desperately in search of a gold statue worth 500 million dollars. They later come to find out that it is worth much more than that. To have this gold statue, they would have to get themselves in jail. Why would they have to go to jail? Will they make it out of there in one piece? Is their quest for the Gold Statue going to be completed? Find out in this hilarious movie by Tade Ogidan.

Gold Statue Movie Cast

gabriel afolayon as wale

kunle remi as chike

segun arinze

rycardo agbo

adeniyi johnson

sola sobowale

judith audu

nobert young

yvonne jegede

etinosa idemudia

femi durojaiye

tina mba

tunrayo adeyemi

kunle fawole

bisola aiyeola

gregory ojefua

francis onwochie

alibaba akporobome

richard mofe damijo

kelvin ikeduba

kenny blaq

woli arole

Gold Statue Movie Review

Gold statue movie by Tade Ogidan images

Gold statue started rather too slow and a little bit drab. When it did pick up, we were rolling on the floor. I think this is one of such Nollywood movies that force you to be patient to get movie joy. Of course, who would buy cinema tickets and not sit at it?

Sola Sobowale was going to be the drama queen. Some of her scenes might have come on too strong but how else were we going to be vexed at the typical Yoruba mother under really bizarre circumstances?

With a cast like Gabriel Afolayan (Wale), Bisola Aiyeola, Richard Mofe‑Damijo, Yvonne Jegede, we were totally caught unawares with the satisfying twists and turns. People like Woli Arole didn’t make it any easy on our tear ducts. The prison scenes were extremely hilarious but I will not be a spoiler.

Gold statue movie review

I do not know about the camera quality though. Many of the trailer and scene excerpts I saw online were really clear but the cinema view was too poor. I am not very sure about what happened here. It is either the resolution of the movie is generally poor in itself or the cinema treated us unfairly.

Some murmurs about quality filtered around during the movie and I quite agree because, for one, it didn’t make the greatness of Gold Statue shine. I was kind of pissed at that. And maybe at some obviously unrealistic and unnecessarily prolonged scenes.

Gold Statue comfortably reminded us of the corruption in the government system. It was effortless and clear. I like that. A truckload of lessons poured in whilst we laughed hard.

I would give Tade Ogidan’s Gold Statue a 7/10. It is one of such movies you should look forward to seeing in the cinema.

Are you going to see Gold Statue?

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