Go to sleep, literally!

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So, yooooooo, I am about to be sounding like a sage very soon and y’all gon be wondering. First of all, I need to let you know that I have been listening to some dangerous podcasts lately so if you have so ever thought of unsubscribing from my blog, now is the perfect time.


Don’t ever try it. Like, do not try to think of leaving me to blog all alone because I am going to appear in your sleep and I show up in people’s dreams with no makeup and scattered hair.

I am just coming back from the third episode of Jesus and Jollof Podcast by Yvonne Orji and Luvvie Ajayi, The Grime Before the Glow and I must say that they reached down deep into my soul to uncover so many things I have been hiding in there.

Earlier this week, I got very mad at some of my Whatsapp contacts. Do you people remember when I limited my status visibility to just 44 people?

Because I am very unstable, I went back on to make my WhatsApp status open to all and sundry. ….And I got mad, again. People were becoming very ruthless and nasty. On one occasion, someone mentioned that I had not treated her blogging question, yet I was updating my Whatsapp status.



Oh, you guys are pushing it again, I thought. Because shortly before then some folks had insinuated something of that nature and that made me feel like, wait, what? Now I can’t have a life like the rest of the world because I blog?

Oh no, I am blocking you off my life, I am going to block you off my status, I will tell everyone I know that also knows you people to block you. I went on and on ranting to myself and stuff. Aahhahahahahh, I was very pissed though. What a tasteless sense of entitlement!

In fact, it was those incidences that finally let The Weekend Blogging Forum debut. Funny as people naturally are, do you know that some folks did not come on to the blog to ask the blogging question they had? They came to WhatsApp to ask those questions.



Go to sleep

I told them off immediately. We all need some decorum in here, Amen? I opened up that forum for a reason, you need to stay on course with me and stop being very lawless. C’moooooon!

I am going to burn out because of people? That was insane! I literally spend most of my day trying to please folks. I knew that was not scalable at all.

Well, as I was saying, I was so mad that people thought I owe them the right to explain to them why I was doing other things asides from answering their many blogging questions and queries. I was ready to throw everyone away o. That moment was very very intense. Like who do you people think you are?

And then I went to sleep.

I woke up the next day to realize that all I had to do was set boundaries. I didn’t have boundaries in place and so people breezed in and out, felt entitled anyhow, behaved so ruthlessly and got me annoyed. That wasn’t supposed to happen, at all.

So, instead of throwing the water and the bowl away, I set very clear boundaries. In fact, if people feel too big to ask their questions in The Weekend Blogging forum and will not take up my Blogging classes, I am dumping their chats in “archive” straight!

But I needed to sleep, literally.

I needed a system reboot, a new perspective, a calmer disposition, and some sense for that to happen.

What is going so wrong in your life at the moment? It is all temporary and they will go away. Don’t mess up everything before they all disappear. What is happening now is no proof that your life is a mess. It’s a lie, trust me.

It is not real. It is a situation, not a reality.

So, go to sleep and wake up with a saner head, like me.

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