Go from being a Doormat to the Dream Girl

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go from being a doormat to being the dream girl

We are back again! My ladies, get in here. We are going to be talking about how to move from being a doormat to the dream girl.

You may be wondering what this is about. Well, let me tell you this isn’t about exercise or body fitness or any beauty products but your attitude and Self love.

In this blog, I promise that you’ll discover what it is about some women that drive men wild. You’ll find that you deserve an amazing life and to be treated with love and respect.

You will start developing self love and confidence that most respected and adored women have.

Let’s get started.

What or who is a DOORMAT?

She is a woman who desperately wants to be loved and would do just about anything to make that happen. She is someone who lets men and the people in her life walk all over her, she believes that the nicer she is, the more she’ll be loved.

Who then is THE DREAM GIRL?

She’s that girl that every man would love to be with. She’s that girl that’s impossible for a man not to think about every moment of the day. She’s the woman with poise and passion. She’s the self confident woman, she’s that woman who’s not all out to suck a man dry of his hard earned money.

Read this:

” I have just started dating this guy, it’s just less than a month but I think he could be ‘The One‘.

“I can’t stop thinking about him; when will I see him again? What will the future hold for us both?

“It’s been days now since I have heard from him, my mind is thinking up scenarios and excuses. It is real, I had never felt so great with a man before, we really connected. I talked with him bout everything, we talked for hours. I really opened up, he was so into me”.

“Yesterday, my call went straight to voice mail, like it did the day before when I had called a couple of times. I know he’s busy with work and all; maybe he has misplaced his phone, that can happen”.

“Maybe I’ll text him, it’s kinda getting rude that he’s not replying “.

” Uhnmmmm, what do I do next? Text him again?”

“It’s five days now, I think I’ll text him, tell him how I feel, that I think it’s rude for him not to reply, although I can remember him telling me that his mum stays outta town, maybe he has gone to see her and he’s out of network coverage”.

“Its been two weeks now since I saw him, maybe I was wrong to have slept with him. Why doesn’t he call? Well, he probably has been busy”

Then, on and on, the excuses she makes for him continue. That up there is what it means to be a doormat. The reality is if he hasn’t called, it’s because he doesn’t want to call.

Read on to see why you should not be the one chasing after a man.

In that scenario played up there, here’s what happened; he didn’t set out to hurt her, (except he’s a badass baddo and she’s a gullible one not to see that coming). Then he thought she’s was okay with a short term fling, maybe a one-night stand, He could have thought that was what she wanted because she was up for it. He was up for a little fun, some pleasure and now he’s moved on.

The truth is that if we ladies hand a guy a plate of goodies, 9 times out of 10, even if he’s not hungry, he’ll take a treat.

You allowed yourself to be infatuated too soon before you let anything deep enough gets developed; now there is nothing more, no mystery left for him to unfold. Why do you think he’ll want to go further and get serious with you when the thrill of the chase is gone? ?

If  you offer yourself to him because you had something special or you think you can amaze him with your sex skills, he’s likely going to keep taking you to bed without any form of commitment. Be warned, sex does not equal relationship.

A man will crawl over broken glass if need be to get to a woman he really wants to be with. If he isn’t calling anymore, he’s just no longer interested.

You may have been acting the doormat in your relationship without even realizing it. The underlying issue is that you have low self esteem.

You want to let go of your emotions and give in to his to make sure he knows how much you care for him, however, there’s a clear difference in genuine care for him and you letting him walk all over you.

You’d travel long miles and kilometer, say even long hours to honor a date with him?

You’d allow him love you less than he should and you’re okay with it (at least he loves you small, àbí?)

You’d run errands, cook his food, wash his clothes, pay his bills at times, do everything to be the perfect partner and then wonder why he’s not taking note, you find yourself asking or accusing him of taking your love for granted.

Don’t feel deflated yet, now you see what you’ve not been doing right. Change, be less dependent on him. Work on yourself, be happy for you. Do only things you’d be proud of. Don’t chase after love, be love. Lay your hands on something productive.

Be confident in yourself, know what you want in a man and wait for it, don’t settle for less.

Till I come your way again.

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