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Getaway Essentials For a Beach Vacation

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No girl travels light! Did I just make an absolute statement? Yes, I just did. I could rephrase if you want lol. It is very difficult, extremely difficult for a girl to travel light. Okay, that sounds better right? Right. This article is for you if you are planning to go on a vacation especially a beach vacation.

I have made a compilation of essential items to pack for your beach vacation whether you are a travel blogger or not.  If you would like to even though travel light have everything important in your travel bag you will find this checklist useful.

Essential Items for a beach vacation

Floppy Hat – this will help you protect your facial skin from the sun. There are very many stylish floppy hats you can choose from.

Sun screen – you know how harsh and direct the sun can be on your skin.  An oil-free based sunscreen would do if you have an oily skin.

Sunglasses – sunglasses can boost your beach confidence.  Get a hot pair.

Head set– this is a fabulous piece if you love music.  There is nothing like music in a peaceful scenery.

Sandals– this is a comfortable pair to pack in your travel bag.

Flip flops – another comfortable pair for your feet.

Beachwear– light shorts,  oversized Tees,  maxi dresses and chiffon tops.

Swimwear – This is necessary if you would want to explore.

Lightweight Scarf– get this for some beach confidence.

A book or magazine- a fashion magazine,  fiction or non-fiction book is another way to travel in your mind

Underwear– Don’t forget your bras,  panties etc.

Makeup kit– Depending on your beach activities,  pack as necessary. I advise light makeup or go nude. You will need moisturizers mostly.

Bath kit– your bath soap,  bath sponge,  body wash,  toothpaste and toothbrush.

Accessories– this will depend on the nature of activities lined up during your vacation stay.

Dinner gown– a dinner gown for a dinner outing.  The little black dress is a good option. Accessorize to dress it up or down.

Phone accessories – your power bank,  phone charger and Bluetooth.

In collaboration with HomeAway I made a list of 5 of my getaway essentials for a beach vacation.

What are your getaway essentials for a beach vacation or any vacation whatsoever? What would you go back home to pick up if you forgot?

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