Get your shi* together

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If you are still whining about what isn’t working or who isn’t helping you, you are on a long thing. So, life is hard, I get it. Sometimes I just want to pack my load and run away. To a far away Island where no one knows me, where I know no one.

I want to be able to eat without thinking of how much it costs, spread myself on the beach or just be, no fuss, no struggle.

If this ever happens, it won’t last forever. We are wired to pursue, I think.

So, continue working on yourself, your craft and achieving purpose. Refine your thing, set boundaries and keep on firing.

Slow down if you want to. Take a break if you want to. Think and restrategize if you want to. Not stopping is what matters, don’t stop.

Keep on and get your shi* together.

Sharing is caring!

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