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Success means a lot of things to different people. It could mean gaining financial profit, marrying well, having a lush career, anything. Reaching the top of your career is one success metric that the majority of motivated people in the work space have. Not only will the achievement of this increase your earning power, it brings you career fulfillment.

No one wants to stagnate, or dreadfully be demoted. Except your career means very little to you, trumping your way to the top of the ladder is worth investing time and energy.

Inasmuch as entrepreneurship has begun to take over, a successful career is as much important too. You actually do not need to be an entrepreneur to be successful. You can be as successful as you want to be in a chosen career path.

5 tips to help you reach the top of your career easily and faster.


1. Gain deep knowledge of your field

Read up to become an authority. You have probably met one or two people who are plainly indispensable. They have so much of knowledge that people want to have them in their circle, organization or company. These people built this over time. You can build this too. Attend seminars, read materials, read papers, watch documentaries, be present, be very interested in your field and all that has to do with it.

There are no short cuts to becoming knowledgeable than having a flare for knowledge. Here are some suggestions to help you gain more knowledge of your field:

-Subscribe to Google alerts in areas of interest

All you have to do is go to Google Alerts to type what area you want to get notifications about. When any news drops, you find them in your inbox. An example is if you want to get notifications about what is currently happening in real estate. You just go to Google Alerts and type in the keywords. Subscribe. You can even be very specific, say, ‘women in real estate’, ‘Nigerian real estate’, ‘real estate agents’ etc.

-Read and subscribe to niche blogs.

So many blogs are now on the internet. You can find a blog on almost any topic that you are interested in. Subscribe to these blogs in your field so that you don’t mix juicy stories. By the way, have you subscribed to my own blog? Please subscribe now.

-Read newspapers and note when industry related topics are published. 

You don’t even have to buy newspapers now, you can download them on your phone. Punch, Vanguard, Guardian all have apps and websites you can subscribe to.

-Attend seminars, symposiums, meet and greets, tutorials.

Some of these seminars are free, some are cheap, others, you have to pay through your nose. Go with what your budget can accommodate and then upgrade. Some free seminars are actually a waste of time and effort but you can make more industry friends. You can connect and get contacts of people you might need later.

2. Be as teachable as you can be

Don’t be tempted to feel you are done. This usually happens if your chosen industry is actually what you studied in school. You graduated as a Civil Engineer, you are working as a Civil Engineer and it’s been five years on the job. It is very easy to feel you don’t need extra help. Especially given the fact that there might be one or two persons who didn’t study exactly what you studied.

This is where humility comes in. Submit yourself enough to learn. Let your colleagues know that you are open to new stuff, discoveries and inventions. No man is an island, remember.

3. Learn from your mistakes

You see, it’s easy to fall into the same mistakes you have made if you don’t put them to heart and be careful to avoid them. There will be better ways you should have done a task, better ways you should have approached your boss, better ways you should have introduced a new concept, better ways to have strategized, to have delegated responsibilities. Learn from the better ways and quickly adopt them.

Don’t wait until you have made these mistakes too many times to correct them. You begin to come off as clumsy and careless.

4. Connect with older people in your field

Connect and learn from those who are already ahead of you. Get them to mentor you. Let me give you one tip to finding mentors who will be passionate about you. Have something to give to them in return. You don’t have to announce what you will be giving in exchange for mentorship. Just give it. That way you stay relevant in their lives. There are too many people demanding the attention of influencers in your field, you have to stand out to get that attention.

You can stand on the shoulders of those who are already there to get to the top of your career faster. Study what they do and see which you can incorporate. Be attentive to their styles. Follow them on social media.

5. Be diligent and consistent

Nothing beats these two things. Work hard, be disciplined and learn how to be consistent. To get to the top of your career, you need these attributes. Resilience too. You actually need resilience to be consistent. I was listening to Caroline Mutoko share how she worked harder than many of the people in her field even as an intern.

It may be inconvenient at first but as you grow older in your career, you get to a point where you need lesser than what you struggle to invest at the beginning.

Don’t procrastinate, do it now. Don’t run away from responsibilities, accept them. Create fun out of your work. This helps consistency too.

To get to the top of your career, you need to want to. If you want to, the rest is easy, just begin to make gradual lifestyle changes to accommodate your career.

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