Geostorm (2017 Movie) Review : 5 Profound Life Lessons

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Geostorm at Genesis Cinemas was lit, lit, lit. Geostorm (2017) is one hell of an adrenaline pump. The fact that there was a lot of emotions involved in this movie isn’t something that I want to quickly forget. One time it is all mushy mushy, the next, it’s entirely sudden and active and scary.

Geostorm (2017) is an American science fiction/ fantasy film. It was directed and produced by Dean Devlin. Stars in the movie are Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Alexandra Maria Lara, Richard Schiff, Robert Sheehan, Daniel Wu, Eugenio Derbez, Ed Harris, and Andy García. Jake Lawson (Gerald Butler), a satellite designer tries to save the world from a storm that was caused by climate-controlling satellites that were malfunctioning.

Geostorm Gerald Butler

The events that happen was all in a bid to save earth from the hands of politically, ambitious and selfish people in government. Obviously, the Geostorm was supposed to look like an evil act of God, a naturally occurring disaster.

Just like I most often than not do when it comes to reviewing movies, I am here with 5 practical lessons, moral lessons from Geostorm. You really can’t even look the other way, these lessons screamed right at me in the cinema.

1. Passion is stronger than everything else combined

Building “Dutch Boy” seemed to be Jake Lawson (Gerald Butler) ‘s life’s mission. I mean, it was his baby. It was his contribution to humanity. Leaving it to go hide in a remote place with his daughter must have been one of the hardest things to do.

He however didn’t need to be convinced for too long before returning back to it. There was a glow, a spark in this total entirety as a being. When you build something, your heart stays with it. What ‘Dutch Boy’ meant to Jake is what my blog means to me. If you understand that, you feel me then!

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2. When you are good at something, you are indispensable

So there is a Dana (Zazie Beetz) even though unfocused and clueless the greater part of the time, perfectly good at what she does. Who else was Max Lawson (Jim Sturgess) going to approach for help if not her? I would say know your onions in whatever field, whatever capacity. Become really indispensable. Actually, it is possible to be indispensable.

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3. There is always a Judas anywhere, everywhere

Okay, so look at it this way. There is a good cause and you expect everyone to be on board, of course, it’s reasonable. But as life would have stuff, we always, always have this one guy who never seems to be up for total good.

There is usually a snitch, a betrayer, a problematic person in every team and if you don’t find out soon, things may have gone too awry to fix. Duncan Taylor (Robert Sheehan) was that guy. His act even though unavoidably annoying was smooth. He was the loud mouthed pretender.

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4. You need support from whoever

You should always have a Sarah Wilson (Abbie Cornish) in your life. That was Max’s girlfriend. She was devoted to him and his cause. She chose to put her job on the line for what she believed was right.

Did you see where he was supposed to be meeting the Korean guy who died? Max was so anxious and not-so-put-together. She was calm and reassuring. If you ask me, I will say, go for someone that complements you. Someone who can conceal your flaws while you work through life.

5. No matter how rough things are between siblings, there is always an element of ‘blood’

So, there was this part where Jake Lawson says something about the unspoken code between brothers. He was about to pass a sensitive information to his brother. It was supposed to be a code. He had just told him, ‘we don’t walk out on each other’ and boom he released the code.

His brother picked it up as soon as he touched base. That’s the ‘blood’ element. They had had it rough and tough as brothers but Max could unmistakeably recognize a coded message, one that would inform his choices from then on.

Are you considering watching Geostorm? You should see it. Have you seen Geostorm? What other life lessons did you pick from the movie?

P. S- for heaven’s sake, Jim Sturgees is such an handsome guy. Gosh, I could barely take my eyes off him wherever he showed face. His girlfriend, accordingly cute and hot but hey, I am a girl and I think I had a momentary ‘during movie’ crush on Jim. Gosh! What other movie has he acted in? Where else can I see him? What other movie will be acting? I am shamelessly sold out, puh-leeze.

Jim Sturgess images
This is Jim Sturgess nitori Olorun,
Abbie Cornish images
They now had to pair him with Abbie Cornish. Kuku kill us finish. Hian

This, below is for Thomases. It is the Geostorm official movie trailer and is completely stunning.

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