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12 Fun Things to do Alone

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The funny thing about being alone most of the time is that you might very frequently switch from freedom to boredom. One minute, you are happy that you don’t have to seek permission from anyone to be anything. The next minute you are wondering why you are all by yourself in the first place.

Well, adding some spice to your life might help alleviate the awful feeling of flying solo. Maybe this blog post will help, maybe it will not but I am going to give it a try anyway. I am going to write out for you, 12 things you can do all by yourself and still catch so much fun with.

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12 fun things to do when you are alone

1. Travel

travel, 10 fun things to do alone, things to do all by yourself

If you have never traveled all by yourself, now is the time to do so. You’d be amazed at how much fun solo travel can be. Just you, your bags and nothing else. You decide what you want to eat, where you want to stay, where you want to go next and if you are even going.

You are at liberty to walk out of a shitty restaurant without having to consider someone else’s feelings. No one is interfering with how you take in the new experience. If you like, you can go on a road trip

Solo travel even gives you the room to discover yourself and understand yourself better. Maybe you might even plan a staycation in a hotel or resort you have always looked forward to. This article on thought catalog will give you a better perspective to solo travel.

2. Watch a movie

watch a movie, 10 fun things to do alone, go to the cinema

You can decide to go out to the cinema, Netflix and chill or browse through movies on your computer, your choice. No one is about to assume the role of a commentator. You are all by yourself!

You can as well laugh as loud as you want or cry you a river. No composure, no need to be perfect. If you are going to the cinema all by yourself, it is nothing short of fun too. You are picking your movie, deciding what time you want to watch it and where you even want to sit.

If you want to bond with someone at the cinema, your choice still. Either way there you are with no one to care about.

3. Learn a new recipe

learn a new recipe - fun things to do all by yourself

You are allowed to try something new in the kitchen and flop. Try out something new and ask someone around to check how good it is. Don’t limit yourself to traditional meals.

If you can get ingredients to Chinese or Thai meals, how about a switch for a change? This way, you are adding to your list of well-cooked meals and enjoying all the goodness of home-cooked meals.

4. Window shop

window shopping - fun things to do alone

No one is judging you for staring at those sneakers for longer than necessary. I would have loved to ask you to be careful so that you don’t go outside of your budget if you are going to buy anything in the end. But really, your purse is the best financial conscience that you have got. If you end up overspending, you will have to deal with that. I guess, no one teaches anyone financial responsibility anymore.

If you want to spice things up for yourself, visit a store you have never visited before. Perhaps a newly built shopping mall around you might work wonders. Who knows if you will find what you have been trying to get in a while in there?

5. Go through your photos

fun things to do alone, go through your photos, woman checking her phone

This might end up making you feel good or bad but recalling memories can be very therapeutic. Now that Google Photos is excellent at storing pictures taken years ago, this might be the perfect time to go through all of the moments that you captured with friends and family.

Use this opportunity to be grateful for those you have met and how much they have impacted on your life positively. Maybe this will inspire you to check on an old friend, give someone a casual call or help someone that you are sure is in need of something that you have access to.

6. Go for a walk

go for a walk, things to do when you are alone

Walking for me is very therapeutic. I find it a way to ease myself of tension and stress. Evening walks are the most beneficial to my mood. After I am done with the day, I get comfortable shoes and take a stroll.

You might take yours a step further, go for a brisk walk. Not only will this help to alleviate your mood, but you are also going to reap from the rewards of exercising too.

7. Stargaze

star gaze

If you have never tried this before, now that you are alone is the time to do so. If the night is clear and beautiful, head on outside, sit or lie and watch the stars. You can focus on a few of the elements that you see. You can also use this time to be aware of your thoughts.

You can meditate or pray. You can try to think of beautiful places you would love to be and beautiful things you would love to do. Make the best of the alone time as it can be the beginning of another awesome phase of your life. Ideas may begin to spring forth from this simple exercise. You might gain insight and understanding.

8. Sleep

12 fun things to do alone

What if this is nature’s rest call? Why don’t you catch up on your poor nocturnal life? You can just lay still and rest while you are alone. It’s fun to be in a state of rest and peace.

If you are going to make this time productive and meaningful, put your phone on silence if switching off is unrealistic.

9. Take yourself out on a date

woman on a date, fun things to do alone, 10 fun things to do alone

Just loosen up and do what you would expect someone else to do for you. Go to the park, go out to a party, take yourself to a very nice restaurant. Date yourself. This is also the period you want to use less of your smartphone. You are on a date, remember?

10. Write

woman writing

No one is going to score you, so write whatever you want to write. This will afford you the opportunity to listen to your thoughts and be more aware of your feelings. Maybe this can blossom into something more or not but you can as well consider writing a blog. This article will show you how to start a blog, step by step.

Get yourself a gratitude journal and write all the things you are grateful for. You can write out lists too, here are some very cool types of lists that you can write when you are all alone.

11. Go for a photoshoot

photoshoot, fun things to do when you are alone

To build up the excitement, plan a theme. It could be from one of your favorite movies or something trending on the internet.  If you have a good camera, someone close to you might be willing to take stunning shots of you. Otherwise, you can make this a rather big project if you can afford it. 

Employ a photographer and walk them through what you would like to do and how you want the outcome to be. You can show them demos that are similar to what you want. Next is to get your outfit and look for a makeup artist. Pick an exciting location or switch between different locations. 

12. Listen to music

listen to music when you are alone

I personally find music to be healing. Music is a lot of things to people who have learned to appreciate it. Maybe you want to stay still and listen to soft music or you want to groove and dance to something fast or soulful. You will be surprised at how fun this might be.

If you think you are going to be alone for a while, I suggest that you get a very good headset, earpiece or home speakers. Just set yourself up for mind-blowing music experience. 

What do you love to do when you are alone? Please share with me in the comments section below.

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fun things to do when you are alone

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