Top 10 Fun Places to Visit in Ilorin

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Oh yeah, there are fun places to visit in Ilorin even though I must admit, very limited. I mean, this is the town where you have to think long and hard to find somewhere to chill at. After several visits to just these few places, the routine wears you out.

For example, there are not many cinema options to pick from, the ones you end up at become all so familiar that all you look forward to is the movie you are about to watch, not the cinematic experience as a whole.

I made a compilation of fun places you can visit when next you are in Ilorin.

  • Palms shopping mall
  • Viva cinemas
  • Princess luxury hotels
  • Iya Yusuf restaurant
  • Fresh Hotels, Ilorin
  • Rhema chapel, Ilorin
  • Succoth garden Ilorin
  • Item 7 Takeaway restaurant
  • T & K restaurant
  • Domino’s pizza, Ilorin

10 fun places to visit in Ilorin, Kwara State

Palms Shopping Mall

The Palms shopping mall is the place to go if you are looking for a one-stop place to shop and just have fun in Ilorin. You can visit Shoprite, KFC, and other big and reputable stores.

Viva Cinemas

Hello, movie lovers! Viva cinemas is one of the biggest in Ilorin and probably the best for now. You can go there to unwind.

Ticket prices for VIVA Cinemas, Ilorin


N1,000 – Ticket + Medium Popcorn

N800 – Ticket Only


N1,000 – Ticket + Medium Popcorn or Hotdog

N800 – Ticket Only


N700 – Ticket + Pet Drink


N1,000 – Ticket + Medium Popcorn or Chicken Hotdog

N800 – Ticket Only


N700 – Ticket + Pet Drink

Saturdays and Sundays

N1,500 – Ticket + Medium Popcorn (Adults)
N1,200 – Ticket Only (Adults)
N1,000 – Ticket + Small Popcorn (Children)
N500 – Ticket Only (Students/Corp Members)

On Public holidays

N1,500 – Ticket + Medium Popcorn (Adults)

N1,200 – Ticket Only (Adults)

N1,000 – Ticket Only (Children & Students)

For Blockbuster movies

N1,500 – Ticket + Popcorn

Princess Luxury Hotels

If you like plenty of fun, you will likely be around people who swear by Princess Luxury hotels. It’s one of the best in town. You can also check out this collation of the best 5 hotels in Ilorin.

Iya Yusuf Restaurant

This restaurant has earned its name from not only delicious but affordable meals. The range of meals they also have is quite wide for just about anybody to choose from.

Fresh Hotels, Ilorin

Fresh hotels is just a few buildings after Kwara mall. It is a cool hangout spot for people who like to swim and have fun. The swimming pool is neat and spacious.

There is a very equipped gym too. To use the gym, it costs 5,000 Naira per month, 500 Naira per day. You can go in to check and sample round, maybe see the trainer before making payments. You can also try out a personal fitness trainer here in Ilorin if you are looking to be fit and healthy.

Just outside Fresh hotels, Ilorin are two mini restaurants. What I particularly like to buy is the massa with chicken/beef. The kunu aya drink also tastes heavenly.

Rhema Chapel, Ilorin

For Christians who love youthful, lively, fun churches with a good community of believers and support, Rhema Chapel, Ilorin is the bomb. COZA, Ilorin too, this is another fun church for young Christians.

Succoth Garden Ilorin

Succoth Valley Gardens Ilorin is one of the very many cool and interesting hang out spots in Kwara state. You can have picnics, events, and family get-togethers at Succoth Garden, Ilorin.

It is a very cool and serene place for outdoor functions. It is also the best place to get a YES. Succoth Valley Gardens is located at Yinka Dopemu Close, Off Catchment Road, Kwara State.

Item 7 Takeaway restaurant, Tanke

Speaking of the best party Jollof rice ever! Item 7 Takeaway restaurant in Ilorin is the best spot for all things rice. The jollof rice is the hallmark of this restaurant. It is not just anyhow jollof rice.

This is not a sit-in restaurant however, you have to order your food on Whatsapp or walk in to order your food across the counter. They have easy payment options with a lot of POS machines so you never have to worry if you are cashless.

A lot of students find this place a relief spot for when they want to have food at convenience. This is not just because of the exceptional rice, the food is ridiculously affordable. For 500 Naira, you can have a jollof and fried rice combo and peppered fried chicken. Sometimes, you have dodo slices on top of your food. I mean, this is so cheap!

Other toppings you can have on your jollof rice are diced dodo and coleslaw. That is a total of 100 Naira if you are going for both toppings.

You may want to stay away from the snacks though, it is not too good. The meat pie and cake is exceptionally awful. Maybe the other snacks are going to be the bomb for you but the meat pie and cake, stay away from those. I warned you, lol.

T & K Restaurant


This restaurant is popular amongst lovers and couples. If you are looking to catch some food fun with your boo or bae, land at T & K. It is also a great spot for mini birthday celebrations. You will find the ambiance inviting.

However, the rice in T & k restaurant is an eye-sore. I mean, the jollof rice is neither orange nor pink. I also think that the chicken is unnecessarily expensive. Inasmuch as this spot is a great place to meet up and enjoy food, I do not really subscribe to their menu.

The solid food, like the eba and pounded yam may be your best bet if you have to use T & K restaurant for celebrations. You do not want to have unsatisfied guests.

Domino’s Pizza, Ilorin

This Domino’s pizza outlet was recently launched in Ilorin. Yeah, this is an update because I first published this post on Jan 30, 2018, and I am updating on June 10, 2019. Domino’s Pizza in Ilorin, Kwara state was launched on May 27, 2019.

So far, a lot of big boys and big girls and other people who know how to have fun have been trooping in to have a taste of the experience. You can find Domino’s Pizza at The Palms mall in Kwara state. It is the first outlet by the left side wing of the mall.

What other fun spots do you know of in Ilorin? I might have missed some very cool ones, please write them in the comments section below.

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