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From to Asia; My Oriental Experience

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Who doesn’t want to earn extra pay?

Ushers were needed, free food and accommodation, and we still get cash. I was aware of Oriental hotel but never dreamt of lounging there anytime soon. I was told to visit to find out more and get the address.

The information there was crazy enough to get me pumped for my stay. Besides their enthralling original artwork and Asian furnishings, the rooms also offer enchanting views of the Lagos Lagoon.

In the bathroom, guests are treated to the following complimentary items including: Sewing kit, shoehorn, a grooming kit comprising of a toothbrush, comb, shower cap, shampoo, shower gel, lotion, and a bathrobe with slippers. The room rates are inclusive of breakfast. All the rooms and suites featured a free mini bar. This was definitely something I wouldn’t miss for the world.

I knew my room number already. I was welcomed in by a hotel houseman, helped with my laugage and led me to the elevator. There was a door bell to the double classic room, my roommate was about to go to the pool. Since she won’t return soon, she took the keycard.

Darkness filled the room immediately she closed the door, I called the customer service numbers provided, “Light has gone, when will it be restored?”, apparently when the key card is removed the room electricity goes off, so I had to get a new card. While I was still pondering on going downstairs, I found a spare next to the phone.

The room temperature was awesome, I went into the bathroom, I had to confirm all I saw on, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I quickly hanged my dress in the wardrobe provided, I saw a laundry service card and a safe box. The wardrobe doors were mirrors. I went for the mini bar which is hidden in a shelf under the LCD screen, all kinds of refreshing drinks and next to it was the coffee maker.

Next morning, I was up by 4am, all complimentary items in the bathroom were all gone. Your guess is as good as mine, I called the customer care to see if they could replace all these things, surprisingly they said yes. Barely 5minutes, the doorbell rang and my things were delivered, I stuffed all into my bag pack.

We were instructed to be at the grand ballroom early in order to get breakfast. The Mayumi Restaurant specializes in Teppanyaki Style dining, the Japanese and Chinese cuisine was real and we were to serve ourselves. Afterwards, the event started and a fight broke out as expected, thankfully the security was top-notch, everything went smoothly.

All came to a close, we realised I had misplaced their keycard. I had just one with me instead of two, the thought of paying for it made me nervous. I procceded to the front desk, I met a man complaining about a mix-up in his booking, the attendant quickly apologised and gave him a new room with a hotel houseman to accompany him before things escalate.

I seized the opportunity to famz, “you should use for your bookings, they are really good” the man smiled and got the website address on his phone. I reported my ordeal to the attendant, I was informed it wasn’t a problem and I wasn’t in any kind of trouble. I sighed in relief, I was free to go home.

This article was written by Bolarinwa Bintu

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