Folorunsho Alakija launches “Flourish Africa”

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Folorunsho Alakija


“Yesterday, the Vice Chairman of Famfa Oil Ltd., currently
one of the largest indigenous Nigerian owned exporters of crude oil, Folorunsho
Alakija, officially launched “Flourish Africa”, a non-profit organization aimed
at creating a global community that encourages and helps women to thrive in all
aspects of their lives.”- Bella Naija
Bella Naija reports that her latest initiative is designed to create a platform for
both female millennials, and adults alike, to have access to information that
will help them grow in the areas of career, living, love and relationships and
inspirational messages from leading change makers.
“Flourish Africa” is an idea that was conceived to create a
community of like-minded women, who share their individual experiences and
encourage each other to be who God has created them to be. It is a platform
designed for women by women to empower both the young and the old to flourish.
The online platform, the first phase of a series of
initiatives under the “Flourish Africa” umbrella, is designed to help women in
all aspects of their lives.
Folorunsho Alakija who is also the founder of the Rose of Sharon Foundation (an NGO with its focus on helping widows and orphans), has
been an advocate of empowering women for many years; her philanthropic work has
improved the lives of thousands of women and orphans in Nigeria.
While “Flourish Africa” is aimed primarily at women, she
points out that its message can relate to both genders stating:
I believe both men and women can benefit from the ethos of
the “Flourish Africa” platform. I know that given the opportunity, women have
the power to change the course of any nation and together, we can break down
the stereotypes that hold us all back, make our communities much stronger and
greater. Together we can create the world where every woman understands their
true value and have the tools at their disposal to follow their dreams.
“Flourish Africa” is a worldwide movement, but it is
ultimately rooted in the local realm. The organization wants to begin by
empowering women in Nigeria through several initiatives that will run
throughout the year to enrich the lives of women both locally and
internationally. Per Alakija, there is a need for more spaces in the online
community where women can engage in intellectual discourse and uplift, empower,
and inspire each other no matter what age.
The “Flourish Africa” concept stems from Alakija’s assertion


Many women have the potential to be great. If we form a
community of like-minded individuals who share a common goal and purpose, we
can pull together, make an impact in every community we find ourselves and
ultimately, flourish.

Source: Bella Naija

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