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How to do Finger Coils on your Natural Hair

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Natural hair is a dream come true because of the many styles you can do with it. The wooly nature and texture of the natural hair influences stay and natural hold. Of the very many ways to style your natural hair,  finger coils are just perfect.

Finger coils on your natural hair is low maintenance and it gives a beautiful shape overall to your head after you are done. One disadvantage of finger coils however,  is that it is time consuming.

Finger coils give superb results after you are done,  I think it is worth the wait of styling. They are also okay for hair of any length. This blog post will help you get the perfect finger coils that will last you for about a week thereabout.

Your negative story about it getting fuzzy quickly and any other negative thing about this style is going to turn positive soon after you learn how to do this like a pro. You also want to know how to make finger coils last? Continue reading.

STEP 1- Dampen Your Hair

If it’s been long you washed your hair,  you can shampoo and condition. If you washed not too long,  you can just co-wash. And if you feel like you don’t want to strip your hair of its natural oils again you can just spray little water on it.  Just get your hair damp. Dry,  crispy natural hair won’t make perfect finger coils.

STEP 2- Apply Leave-in Conditioner

After you get your hair damp,  apply a good leave-in conditioner. I like to use Organics Hair Mayonnaise formulated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil as my leave-in for now. This will soften, condition and prepare your hair for perfect finger coils.

STEP 3- Apply Styler Gel or Curl Butter

Any of these is fine. We want to make sure that we section our hair and then deeply message with Curl Butter. You can try Curl Prep Sweet Butter for this. You can add a setting lotion and a Curl enhancing mousse. Any Curl stretching cream too is okay.

STEP 4- Start Twirling

Divide your hair into portions. Start with a portion and clip the rest out of the way. Pick a few strands and twirl around your finger until it is tightly spiraled. Repeat this for until you are done with your whole natural hair. Make sure that the twirling by your finger is tight down to the scalp. This will make the finger coils on your natural hair last longer. After you have all your hair tightly twirled,  you can squeeze off excess water with a cotton fabric.

STEP 4- Oil

I like to use coconut oil because of the beautiful scent I enjoy throughout the day. Oils help to lock in hair moisture. You can use the oil on your fingers to begin to recoil each section or just carefully dab it on what you have done. Tighten lose coils.

STEP 5- Dry

It takes a day for your finger coils to dry up naturally. Make sure your finger coils dry up completely. You can also sit under a dryer to fasten the process. I usually make sure that I don’t apply too much of heat on my head. Go for a warm setting,  otherwise it would naturally dry when you move out and about.

And voila,  you have the perfect finger coils for your natural hair. You should try this very soon,  let me know how this goes. You can share your challenges or any new finding about your coiling. Enjoy rocking your coils!

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