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You Could Get a New Job Right After This Excel Course by The Career Buddy

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If you think you know Excel as much as you should, this Excel course will most definitely change your mind. There is a whole lot more to Excel as a software than what you see and how much of its application you can deploy is what will differentiate you from an ordinary Excel application user.

This time you are using Excel for more advanced purposes and this includes in-depth data analysis and interpretation.

According to the World Economic Forum jobs report, Data Analysis and Analytical Reasoning is the 3rd most in-demand skill in the job market for employers in 2019.

If inputting data is all anyone needs to stand out, we have all probably passed that test. There is a much bigger picture here. You want to be able to analyze and interpret data quickly. The most interesting part of this all is that it doesn’t matter where you work, data is constantly being used and analyzed. Decisions are being made based on inference from this data.

Do you see why taking a necessary course in Excel is a big deal? Maybe you didn’t know but now that you do, this is what you should do next.

Register for The Career Buddy Excel for Data Analysis Course!

This is a 1-month intensive learning program! This program is delivered through physical classes that run on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) where you learn how to use Excel and Google Sheets for Data Analytics.

In this course, you will be able to learn how to use Excel for data analysis to an expert level and be able to apply this practical skill in any field even if you have no Excel skill.

Here are the benefits/scope of this excel course

– Immersive content, including real-world projects, built in partnership with industry experts
– A technical mentor, who guides your learning and supports you through the experience and after the course.
– Opportunity to interview with hiring managers currently hiring for business analysis roles.
– Interview prep and resume and portfolio review.
– You could get a new job right after this course!

The October edition will commence on 12th October 2019.

Here is where to access this course right away.

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