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Esther’s Weekend Picks #8

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Hey hey hey! What’s uuuuuuuuup? I know right. Too much excitement though. Thing is, this has been a very roller-coaster week. I hate menstrual periods fam. My hormones are literally everywhere. This one time I feel so good, the next, I feel very awful. DAMMIT!

I feel good as we speak, lol. I am just waiting for a hormonal surge and all of a sudden my red is being unfair with me. Speaking of which I would share with you what I recently tried and absolutely loved. 

But like hollup though, did you listen to this week’s podcast? It was insane! We made magic fam. Check it out here. We discussed 10 things that we hate. 

This week’s picks are absolutely to love, as usual!

1. I tried and looooooooove tampons so much that I am not going back. Thank you so much for your contributions the other day on my Instagram. It was so helpful! I was able to reach a tampon brand decision and I am so not going back to menstrual pads again. Ever! I swear!

2. This couple skipped a big wedding to buy real estate. I kind of somewhat in a way like, love it.

3. Turn your pain to power. This plus-sized model was going to be having the worst day of her life but then, she changed her mind. 


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4. Who else is looking forward to Malika-warrior queen? Adesua Etomi-Wellington starred in this.

5. “As the daughter of a Nigerian CFO and accountant and one of five girls, Tiffany says that she was introduced to the concept of financial wellness early-on in her life. She explained, “[My dad] taught us about money because he wanted to make sure that who we chose to marry was not as a result of what we needed from them; that we can take care of ourselves.” – Budgetnista for XONECOLE

6. How to start making money on Youtube using your smartphone

7. Something just has to trend in Nigeria! What is this????

8. This is my best Halloween makeup idea so far. I like that it is not the scariest. 

9. Why the heck would anyone wear makeup to the gym? Really. 

10. The number of squats you need to have the perfect butt. Na you dey find butt na.

11. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

12. Tasha Cobbs knows how to be bold and beautiful.

Tasha Cobbs

13. “It’s okay to outgrow your friendships”- Necole

14. Tiffany Haddish demonstrates lazy stripper moves. You are welcome!

15. This reader’s comment on my Domino’s Pizza’s Post is a call to Domino’s Pizza Nigeria. They are doing a very awful job at the Ilorin branch here. I can testify! 

Your customer care is pretty poor. I was served by a fair lady with open(gap) teeth, quite mentally unbalanced and disrespectful. Turned my icecream from a cone to another in a wishy-washy manner and used water from the spoon wash basin to pat my icecream. As if that wasn’t enough, spread some coloured chocolate on my ice cream without my opinion and flagged me a #1550 bill against her initial estimation. I felt pretty bad. It was more of using my money to buy disgust and dared not ask questions. I think you should train your servers. The one that served me has no conventional behavior. I was hurt and a customer that narrate her experience elsewhere was lost.”

16. Diversify your income streams bruh.

P.S – Tampons vs pads


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