Esther's weekend picks

Esther’s Weekend Picks #7

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Yo! It’s been a while we had picks for the weekend.

Thankfully, there’s a backlog of very awesome stuff I want to share with you this weekend. You are going to enjoy this selection, trust me!

1. Can You Hack Your Body Clock To Become A Morning Person? 

2. This is for debtors who can sleep well at night!

3. How to be more social if you are introverted. 

4. Signs that the book you are reading is great.

Signs that the book you are reading is great

Grace Farris for CupofJo

5. “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”- Coco Chanel

6. How Jennifer Lopez mastered the pole dance for Hustlers. (BTS)


7. This reader’s comment on my 5 AM post was very heartwarming.

Are you from Nigeria? Why is everyone I meet from Nigeria so happy! So smiling! In a most contagious way. And always SO intelligent! I have read your piece about getting up at 5 AM. I am hoping this will be what I need to finally accomplish this elusive goal! If it does the trick I will be so grateful. I know my life will change so positively. I will be in touch!

8. Apparently, Nigerians don’t like Toke Makinwa’s view on men and women as regards money. It doesn’t seem like she is wrong though, just saying. 

9. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is definitely top on my wish list.

10. The problem with carb-restricted diet.

11. Diversify your income streams!

12. So, question – should you tell your roommate her boyfriend is making advances at you?

13. Johnny Drille’s Count on You is killing me softly.


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