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Esther’s Weekend Picks #4

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How’s it going this weekend? It has been a generally fulfilling week for me overall.

I have one very major takeaway from this week and I would love to share this with you. This is another dimension to self-care. I am learning to be self-loving in the way I achieve my daily goals.

So I am the one to rush through everything. If I am supposed to be at the mall, for example, the end goal is to be at the mall but the process of getting there involves that I take a bath, dress up and get moving. In all of these processes, it doesn’t matter that I am not late, I rush them still.

I am learning to enjoy and savor every process because in the end, the goal isn’t only all that matters, how we achieve the goal matters too. In the process of being intentional about my dressing up, I might get to realize that a particular outfit could do better.

In enjoying the process, I might as well spot paleness in my eyes or check out a recent pimple. You know, this is the cheapest type of self-care.

This week, I have got some very interesting things to share with you, I hope you like them.

1. I plan to start Funmi’s green juice 3-week program on Monday. You may join if you want, it’s free.

2. This is a whole sermon, y’all!

3. Kodi Lee’s golden buzzer audition is worth the hype

4. Dimma Umeh’s new minimalist apartment is goals

5. Would you love to attend the Inside Out worship experience by COZA in Lagos?

6. Do you remember this old A one advert? I think it was excellent even as at the time.

7. “I would love to play a superhero. I wish I could be in ‘The Avengers,’ kicking butt.” – Taraji P. Henson

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to break the internet!

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