Esther's Weekend Picks #2

Esther’s Weekend Picks #2

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How are you doing this weekend? My sister, Joy, turned 18 yesterday and it seems to me as the positive highlight of the week after being put through a lot of stress by a bank I totally regret right now, Union Bank of Nigeria.

A lot of people have said that of all the banks to be with, Union Bank seems like a really poor choice and now I can’t help but ask myself what I was thinking when I was walking in to sign up.

This weekend, I have a lot of really cool stuff to show you.

1. This “how to lose weight without dieting” article is kind of too easy but… it could be it.

2. I wish I started bathing with Lavender oil sooner.

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3. What do you think about Instagram hiding likes?

4. What @relationshipandmarriage had to say about phone courtesy in relationships is one of the reasons some long distance relationships never survive. I speak from experience.

5.  Someone needed to talk about this, Jackie Hill Perry did.

6. Preston Perry getting this out is daddy goals tho’!

7. If this Wale Adenuga’s Knockout doesn’t crack you up, you are generally sad.

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8. This business casual look by Stella of Jadore Fashion is hot!

9.  I bragged about this reader’s comment on Whatsapp status. Why not?

I’ve been reading so much about (how to) starting my blog and after reading your article, I realize I should have read it first. Thanks for making it simple to understand. BTW, I found you on MIX aka stumble upon

10. This 30 under 30 list is so inspiring.

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