Epistles to Colleen #5: Fear Isn’t the Absence of Peace

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I’m writing this particular epistle to you because I believe you are a young Christian, seeking the will of God in marriage. I understand how the increasing rate of divorce could make you cold towards marriage and indifferent towards it.
So it’s very necessary to reach out to God when considering marriage. He is no gambler. He understands your specifications. Hopes. Ernest desires. And Marital expectations.
He isn’t unjust to present to you a man not worthy of you. When this man finds you, peace overwhelms you. You know instinctively that he is your man. That’s why it’s important you find God and then peace before you love.
But religion. Religion has caused you to begin to doubt. To question peace indiscriminately.
It taught you that anything that disturbs this peace is a trigger. A warning. A red alert that the marriage isn’t to be.Epistles to Colleen #3: Marriage isn’t the end of you

So when you began to encounter fear, fear born out of challenges; challenges that could be broken through prayers, you quickly concluded that God wasn’t present in the affair.
It’s very important you understand the root cause of this fear first. This will help you approach it with appropriately and with wisdom.
Is it your expectation? Are they inconsiderate and high demanding? Insensitive?
You should know that when you want something that isn’t present now, fear thrives. And if you are honest with yourself, it isn’t something that can’t be addressed.
 But because you don’t. You then begin to remove yourself emotionally. Not bothering to seek God’s counsel. Not even giving room for growth.
Forgetting that peace doesn’t leave out challenges.
That even when God has ordained anything, challenges are a must. they are not from God but are tests to ascertain your commitment. And if only you’d present it to God, He will seek a way out of it for you.
And when you scale through it, your strength is built. Stability is reinforced. Faith is strengthened. Love soars. And commitment is tripled.
Yes, there are some battles that are not worth fighting. Some signals that are truly stop signs. That’s why you need God all the way.
A relationship with God isn’t a religious activity. Seek Him always. Find peace. And let wisdom guide you.
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