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Epistles to Colleen #4: Before you Find Love, Find Peace.

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I’m quite elated that my letters have helped reset your focus on the most important issues of life. There is no one who attempts life and fails that has humbled herself enough to be taught and to learn. You fortunately have the most teachable spirit.
But I should talk to you about another vital issue of life – love.
I know you grew up after the fantasies of mills and silhouette. And I know just how much you want it expressed in your life. But before you find love, find peace. It’s this peace that keeps you warm at night when dawn is taking too long to break.
Let me tell you a story of another colleen named Jennifer.
Michelle found love just right before her compulsory one year youth service. Or so she thought. She found love in the beautiful eyes of a young man who was just starting out in life. They made plans to be together after her youth service. They spoke love. They lived love and they oozed love. But right after she was done with her youth service, he lost his peace about her. Nothing she did could restore this peace.
She didn’t understand why peace was important to him. But he knew that without peace, love won’t be enough. And so they fell out.
And so she began to, layer of skin after skin, lose herself, her mind, her thoughts because she hadn’t found herself, she became a shadow of everyone. Fading away at dusk, revealing her embittered self.
It took her years to find herself and learn the importance of this peace and even when it still hurts that she couldn’t be with him, she has learned to embrace peace first before love. She has it all now -the peace, the love and a home.
So dear Colleen, in seeking love, allow peace lead you. Now, this peace doesn’t suggest the absence of crisis, it’s a gentle reminder that all is well that begins well. It gives one the courage to fight, knowing that the fight will be worth it.

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