Epistles to Colleen #3: Marriage Isn’t The End of You

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I’m sorry this epistle is coming rather late. I’ve been quite dismayed over the much eagerness that springs up from the heart of a female aspiring to marriage. In that eagerness is the end of their dreams and their very lives.
It saddens me that you are towing that same path- running after marriage and sacrificing on its altar, your being and the very essence of life. I know you desire marriage, but you should know it’s not the end of life. There’s more to life than marriage.
And another unfortunate part is the method through which you throw yourself at it. I remember specifically telling you in my last epistle that you are not your Vagina. But now, you think to attract and keep a man; is to embrace him with open legs, allowing him defile and stain you.
Your body should never be a sacrifice for marriage. It should be a gift, carefully wrapped and presented to your husband on the night of your wedding.
Before your time, virginity was the core on which we define the character of a woman. And in as much as virginity shouldn’t define your worth, it could be a measure of your perseverance in this corrupt times we are in. How self persevering are you? Are you really deliberating trading your body for the title of a Mrs?
What stories will you tell your female children? What advice would you give to them when the pressure is on? Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have. If you can’t teach yourself to live above, you won’t be able to train your female children to persevere.
Marriage is just another phase in life and not the end of you. In marriage, is another responsibility that requires what you are to be brought forth.  And what you are now is what you will bring into it. Find yourself while you are still single. Grow beyond average. Set standards for your life and demand more when men come. Because you can only attract what you are.

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