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Epistles to Colleen #2 : You are Not your Vagina

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Letter writing


I hope this letter meets you well. I sincerely hope that you’ve also been able to find yourself And begun to pursue a life fit for an emerging and evolving lady.
This epistle is to help you disabuse your mind from the stereotyped and biased opinion that you are just a pair of breasts and Vagina and nothing else.
Don’t grow into believing you are. I understand how easy it is to fall into this thought; to hang your self esteem on your curves because that’s what the average male chases after.
But you dear Colleen are not average.
If you perceive yourself as that, it’s not going to be long before males visalize you as that also. You are not your Vagina. You are not a composition of just a set of sexual organs.
You are an aspiring young model. A beautiful hair stylist. A creative writer…and any title that edifies your worth. That gives you an esteem not built on what mouldings your body came fitted in.
When they say flaunt what your mama gave you, they are in essence asking you what intellectual offerings you have. You see, it’s all about the meaning we give to experiences. If you believe it’s your body they are referring to, you’d soon begin to deteriorate to just what your body can offer. Which is sex and disrespect. And then your value drops.
But with your intellects hanging above average, you can never be forgotten. That’s why it’s essential to find yourself because in finding yourself will you begin to build a worth that’s within.
Be a slay queen that’s beyond her looks.
Remember, you are not your Vagina. Don’t build your life around it.Epistles to Colleen #1 : Find Yourself 

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