Enjoy and Savour This Moment

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Many things about Yele teach me happiness

I was reading the story in the book of John 12:1-8 where Mary poured a very expensive perfume on Jesus and Judas, one of Jesus’ disciples said it should have been sold and money given to the poor.

Jesus answered that the poor would always be amongst them, he would soon leave. I immediately remembered Olubunmi Mabel ‘s post on how we project and not enjoy instantly.

You want to take yourself out and you are already thinking about what the money can do for you in future or what else you can do with the money.

Like Solomon would say,  life is vanity. All the future planning and meticulousness and over carefulness… Do it now. Enjoy now. Be happy now. This doesn’t encourage reckless spending, at all. This is about enjoying and savoring the moment while you can.

You want to buy yourself a quality shirt now? Buy it. You will always have some other money to save. You can invest in your image now and physical presentation and reap from the profit in multiple folds enough to save. That may otherwise not be the case. What’s important however is buying it now that you have the means and stop projecting and calculating.

Just enjoy life moment by moment.

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