7 Fun Things to do at Elegushi Beach

Elegushi Beach

Elegushi beach is the first and apparently, only beach I have ever been to in my entire adult life. I have always heard of how people celebrate their birthdays, have weekends out and just do fun stuff at the beach. Growing up didn’t exactly present all of these fun stuff. It was books and church, lol.

One day, my friends decided they were going to the beach and of course, I grabbed the opportunity. I wasn’t going to be paying for anything, including the gate fee and yeah, the different sorts of mendemende. Opportunities should never pass you by, you know. Knowing the kind of person I am spurred me into faster action. I could be home all day blogging and working on clients’ online accounts. By the way, I have migrated from Blogger to WordPress. I am such an indoor person. In fact, the more outdoors I am, the less productive I am. Going to Elegushi beach was therefore a rare opportunity I could not afford to miss


Gate Fee at Elegushi Beach

To get into Elegushi beach in Lekki, you will pay an entrance fee of 1,000 Naira. Parking fee depends on how good your negotiating power is and where you are packing. It is mostly 200 Naira. Be careful not to park in a sand laden place. You might have too much of difficulty trying to get out as your wheels might be stuck!

Things to do at Elegushi Beach

1. Organize your birthday party

beach birthday party

This is mostly what I had my own personal friends do at the beach among other popular beach activities. Someone’s birthday is coming up and they are all talking about the beach. I am usually like..what’s inside this beach o. Are they sharing money there ni? But yes, it’s a great place to celebrate your birthday party with friends and family.

2. Have a personal retreat

relax on the beach

Sometimes we need some time out. I live in Lagos, Nigeria and I dare say that this place is not for the faint hearted. Because I jump buses most of the time, I get home not just physically but mentally and sometimes, emotionally exhausted. I shared on my Facebook wall how I almost got killed by an impatient driver. I got home so sad and exhausted.

This is just an example of all the sum total of daily stress we have living in Nigeria. A day at Elegushi beach could calm the nerves. The sea has such a calming effect. If you are like me, you would go with a pen and a notepad. This is if you are going there for a personal retreat o. Inspiration can come, God can speak to you, you can finally light up an idea that has been in the works for too long.

Did you know that Domino’s pizza is now in Abeokuta?

3. Enjoy a picnic

picnic on the beach

If you are a fun and food person, you can use Elegushi beach as an excuse to be in your element without reservations. I remember my one and only visit to this beach, we did not plan that much eating but I left there bloated. Anyway, I think you can intentionally go on a picnic with your family. If you want to add some fun stuff at the workplace, you can go on a picnic with colleagues.

You see, I have come to realize that extra-work activities help a lot in bonding. You guys would have choices on many things and learn how to resolve together. You will make decisions together, do a lot of things like a family, watch out for each other. Beach time out at the workplace is such a great bonding strategy. And then, you have loads to eat. Count me in guys!

4. Go on a photo shoot


So guys, especially Fashion Bloggers, have you thought of a natural photo shoot at Elegushi beach? It has all of the setting that you need to make your photos come out great. The lighting, scenery and a bit of privacy in some sections. With nature, you can always express all of you on camera.

All you have to do is go with your camera and a nice friend who would not mind snapping the whole day out of you. None of my friends can go more than 20 photo rounds, I am so unlucky, people. We need people who would go a thousand photo rounds and ask to take one more picture of you climbing the tree.

If you can invest in a photographer, you may just have to go for that option. Good makeup, photoshoot worthy clothes, nice ideas, Elegushi beach and you are all set.

5. Propose, Finally!

proposal on the beach

I think Elegushi beach is that one place you can do a not-so-private proposal. With different spots on the beach, you can pick a good segment where you can propose to your lady. If you have friends that have been to Elegushi beach a lot of times, they can give you clues and hints on how to plan this, especially what time to go and where exactly to go. With the sand, your hand and other fun stuff, you can come up with a myriad of ideas on how to go about getting a yes on Elegushi beach. Don’t forget to go with a photographer or camera savvy friend.

6. Go on a horse ride

horse ride on the beach

If you are not going to end up like the boring me at Elegushi beach, you will go on a horse ride. It’s 500 Naira and I think it’s worth the experience. I have promised myself to ride on a horse the next time I go to the beach. It’s on my checklist of things to do before this year runs out. You can also try other new things apart from horse rides. Build sand with different shapes. Just have fun. This is why it is better to go to Elegushi beach with people.

7. Spend part of your honeymoon at Elegusi Beach

honeymoon on Elegushi beach

If you are somewhere around Lagos and you want to have fun during your honeymoon, Elegushi beach will make some good sense. One thing about Elegushi beach is that you can have fun on the beach on a budget. If you are on a budget or not, you can include Elegushi beach as one of the places to visit during your honeymoon escapades.

Have you been to Elegushi beach before? What particular fun thing did you do that isn’t listed here?

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