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Finding the best errand service in Lagos has just become easier for you with Elated Errands. This is not just an errand service, it is a pickup and delivery service tailored to bring you all the comfort that you need to run your life seamlessly. It is a professional, corporate and casual errand service that aims to make your life easier to run with the hustle and bustle of Lagos.

So, do you work long hours? Do you have a very busy lifestyle? Do you have needs to be run but your tight schedule won’t allow? Let Elated Errands help you. Let us take the worry out of your life, so you have more time for things you love to do.

Who are we?

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Elated errands – Fast, quick and easy errand service

Elated Errands is an errand service provider which is a subsidiary of Elated group of companies. Our goal is to help you find a balance between family, work and other priorities in your life. We are launched with the premise of simplifying the lives of people. We help reclaim your time for more important things by powering through your to-do-lists and taking care of your mundane tasks.

What we do

We provide bespoke errand services to busy individuals and organizations. Our business is to help your business by minimizing your busyness. We help individuals and businesses run every day delivery errands – effortlessly. Our teams are on hand to help with every request irrespective of its size or complexity. Our service is fast, efficient and completely reliable. We also ensure you are notified once delivery occurs.

We also offer errand services that include the pickup and delivery of parcels, documents, and items. We do the distribution of Aso-Ebi and wedding invitations. We run errands to all parts of Lagos hand-delivering priceless items and picking up forgotten ones.

What makes for a good errand service?

As Lagos residents, we live busy lives. We live in a fast pace society where time calls the shot. We get up early to prepare the kids for school. We run errands, cook meals, and at the end of the day, we realize that there just isn’t enough time to do what we really want.

So we push back our favourite project, exercise routine, or perhaps miss an important event because we were too busy just doing stuff.

Finding a balance between family, work and other priorities in life is pretty becoming difficult. Carrying out simple everyday mundane activities is increasingly becoming impossible.

The traffic on our roads these days and the demanding nature of our jobs aren’t giving room to run personal errand efficiently as at when due. Finding time to relax just to keep our sanity can be a challenge. Luckily, there is a better way.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone step in and take errands that long working hour and tight schedule won’t permit and it will still look as if it was run by you?

What if you could outsource your daily “to do” list to a trusted, reliable and professional personal assistant?

Of course, it would be nice.

But in the course of getting someone that will run errands for you, what should you look out for?

A good errand service should have the following components:


Pick-up and delivery of items, parcel and documents must be done by a team of highly professional personnel that are not only effective but also result driven.

Swift delivery

Delivery must be carried out as quickly as possible to its destination without delays.

Efficient service

Outstanding and quality service must be rendered. Customer must be able to get value for their money.

Low cost service

Service must be affordable and cost effective.

Secured service

There should be an assurance that items are in a safe hand and they will be handled with utmost care.

Easy to use

Errand service provider should be easily accessible without hassle.

Easy payment

Means or method of payment mustn’t be complicated.

All of which Elated errands has. It is not bluff, it is in the action.

We take pride in providing outstanding customer service. We ensure that every client is thoroughly satisfied. We don’t just care about delivering your parcels only; we care about delivering it on time. This is why we have put together a team of highly professional personnel that are not only effective but also result driven.

At Elated Errands, we are constantly finding better ways to make efficient deliveries. You don’t have to constantly search for errand service websites, we are on the spot, swift and driven. By providing customized solutions to all your errand needs, you can sit back and relax… we have got you covered.

Do you have any delivery you would like us to make?

This is how to reach us

Elated errands, Esther Adeniyi, contact professional errands in lagos, delivery of documents in Lagos

You can directly chat this us on Whatsapp or place a call – 08065349489
You can also reach us via email – Elatederrands@gmail.com
Please find and follow us on Instagram too – @elatederrands

We can’t wait to show you what it means to us to get you an easy errand service. It will be an utmost pleasure to work with you.


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