Easter is so all ’bout me!

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So in case you were wondering and asking and just confused about why I am asking to be celebrated (with lots of gifts lol) like it’s my birthday, be assured that this is all because Easter is about me.

Easter is my own celebration. This is the season to love up on me y’all. It has nothing to do with my name, I promise.

Listen guys, JESUS CHRIST was brutally killed for my sake. He decided that the shame I was supposed to legit bear on account of my folly and sinful nature , he was going to pay all of that for me.

It felt like it was all over until he burst our brains some more. The situation got very interesting. God raised Jesus from the dead. Wawu!

My life got started that moment and honestly , this has been the best love story told so far. I am so glad that Jesus is in love with me this much and so, if you are not celebrating me, you are simply hating and I have no words for you, aha!

I will show you stuff by example. I will take the first step. I will celebrate you and hopefully you take the cue. Here goes:

I celebrate you. You are so blessed to have a sinless man die just for you. Like, you must be so special tho’.

Happy Easter most loved one!

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