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My Dudu Osun Black Soap Review

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The first time I ever used Dudu Osun Black Soap, my mum had brought a pack of it home from work. If you have no idea where to sell your products, this post was a setup. God is about to open your eyes. Lol!

Just go in to where there are a lot of civil servants, convince just one of them and you will sell your whole store. Because fam, how does someone go from seeing a product for the first time to buying a whole pack of it?

I can’t remember how many Dudu Osun bars were in the pack. What I do remember is how quickly we rushed to unwrap a new pack. You should live with my sisters to understand this part of the post.

Thankfully, we all loved it and it was going to be one of my mum’s best skin care buys. I have ever since then promise to do a review of Dudu Osun black soap on my blog. Trust the so many other competing ideas, I forgot.

Last two weeks ago, a black soap product was forced into my hands. It costs more than 3,000 Naira. You read right! It was a painful buy because when you use your hard earned money to buy what you would never ever use, it drives a sharp pain through your heart.

This wasn’t the kind of soap I needed given the nature of the water I use (you would understand later on), the smell was horrible (my sister couldn’t believe it!). The worst of all of this, there was no list of ingredients on the black soap. Wawu!

I immediately missed Dudu Osun black soap and remembered that I promised myself, a long time ago, I would do a review of it. Some people are still sceptical about it. I could just come through to spell out the pros and cons so that you can make a decision- to buy the brand or not.

I will also try to read up as much information on Dudu Osun as I can and share with you in this blog post. Hopefully, this article is more than useful to anyone who finds their way here.

What I like about Dudu Osun

The Smell

When we were growing up, we were very familiar with the name Dudu Osun (was popularly known as “ose dudu“) and even though we never used it we didn’t like the sound of it. I for one used to think it must smell so horrible.

Actually, though, the raw African black soap has an unpleasant smell. By the way, you can read up on my review of the raw African black soap. It looks like the most comprehensive article on the internet on raw African black soap. Not kidding!

Dudu Osun black soap, however, has a really great smell. It’s just that it doesn’t linger on for too long on your body but it smells for a long time in your bathroom. I really do like the smell of Dudu Osun black soap.

Dudu Osun lathers really well

If you have ever seen me wash plates, you can predict the category of plate washers I fall into. I like lots and lots of lather. It makes me feel that I can get the job done faster and better.

This is the same for my bath soap. I like bath soaps that lather really well. Dudu Osun takes care of all of that.

Dudu Osun helps to even out skin tone

I will be honest here, I wasn’t looking out for this at all. All I just wanted was to use black soap. As at the time I didn’t even know that black soap had the benefit of causing an even skin tone all around.

People who have however bought Dudu Osun for this purpose all say that it worked for that.

Other benefits of Dudu Osun Black Soap

Dudu Osun is a good exfoliator

This can be both a good and bad attribute though because if you are not careful, you can hurt your skin. It works both as a chemical and physical exfoliator. This is why it is advisable to rub it in between your palms or against your sponge first before application on your skin.

Dudu Osun contains palm kernel ash that acts as a chemical exfoliator and some granules that act as a physical exfoliator.

Dudu Osun can be used to remove makeup

Dudu Osun is deeply cleansing. You can get your face wet with some water and rub the soap on your face. Wash it off after some minutes, say 3 to 5 minutes.

Dudu Osun can be used as a shampoo

A lot of people swear by Dudu Osun. A lot of reviews say that it has helped to cure dandruff for them. Dudu Osun is really good as a hair wash. It could cause a lot of drying out though, so you might need to use a good wash off conditioner after using it.

Dudu Osun has been known to clear acne

I have never had serious acne or blackheads but those who have acne have mentioned that Dudu Osun helped to clear it out. Watch this video by mylifeas favour on YouTube

How to use Dudu Osun Soap to clear acne

What I don’t like about Dudu Osun

Drying out

Truth is that this is characteristic of almost all the brands of black soaps you can think of. I mean, the raw African black soap has the drying effect. What made me think having perfumes and other beautiful additives would change that factor?

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will remember that I have said in many of my reviews that I have only been able to stick to Dove beauty bar since I got into this apartment.

That soap is the only deeply moisturizing soap I have used to get my body soft and supple with the hard water in here. I won’t ever, therefore, try Dudu Osun here.

Blackens the bathroom

After prolonged use of Dudu Osun, you may see traces of blackening of your bathroom if you do not properly wash off.

Side effects of Dudu Osun


So, some people have reported that Dudu Osun causes them to bleach. This seems to be the side effect of Dudu Osun for some people. I never experienced that personally so I think this has to do with the dynamics of different body creams and soaps.

Skin itching

This is also another side effect of Dudu Osun for some people. I would like to think that this has something to do with the drying effect of Dudu Osun. If you have dry skin, coupled with the drying effect of Dudu Osun, it may result in itching or skin tightness.

Dudu Osun Black Soap Ingredients

Pure honey, Shea butter, Osun (Camwood), Palm kernel Oil, Cocoa pod ash, palm bunch ash, Aloe Vera, Lime Juice, Lemon Juice, Water and Fragrance.

How to differentiate between the original and the face Dudu Osun Soap

A lot of fake Dudu Osun soaps are all over stores and shops. It would have not been an issue if not for the adverse effects it has had on people’s skins. Some of them are the flaking and extreme itching.

I know that some people normally have allergies and experience the side effects of black soap brands but the truth still remains that some of the effects some people have felt on their skin have to do with the fact that they did not buy the original Dudu Osun soap.

Below are pointers to know the original black soap so that you don’t fall victim.

  1. On the packaging of the soap is the word “Tropical”. The “i” in “Tropical” is dotted with a leaf in the original Dudu Osun soap.
  2. The packaging of the original Dudu Osun soap has a leaf-shaped cut out that is transparent.
  3. The “o” in the word “tropical” is an orange sun with a palm tree symbol within it
  4. The fake Dudu Osun soap is very black compared to the original Dudu Osun soap. The original Dudu Osun soap has a brown colour.

Dudu Osun Black Soap Price

It used to be around 120 Naira to 150 Naira those days. Now, it costs around 200 Naira to 250 Naira per bar depending on where you are buying it from. I would like to think that for its value and its weight (150g), it is very very cheap.

Where to buy Dudu Osun Soap

Dudu Osun is a very popular black soap brand. You can literally find it any store that you walk into in Nigeria. You can also order online from reputable e-commerce stores in Nigeria.

Have you ever used Dudu Osun Black soap? What do you think? Please share your mini-reviews in the comments section. You can also ask questions in the comments section. If I don’t have an answer, someone in the comments section will.


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