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Instagram is fast becoming the official social media platform for Bloggers. This is why talk and speculations on how to Drive engagement on Instagram have become as popular as well. We probably all started with Facebook and Twitter. But as Instagram began to gain more and more popularity and users, we ported to it and why not? According to, the number of monthly active Instagram users as of September 2017 reached 800 million, up from 600 million in December 2016. According to the report, Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks worldwide.
The visual appeal of the platform is enough reason to want to stick. The exposure and visibility with the use of hashtags also come with immense rewards. I don’t know about other people, but I have not had the privilege of brands approach me on Facebook, they usually come from Instagram. Even if they are coming in through my email, I trace it back to this same Instagram. I think this is partly why I am becoming weary of Facebook.
The major challenge of Instagram users however is the difficulty in driving quality engagement. With thousands of followers, some folks still lack proper, quality engagement on their handles. It’s frustrating if we must be realistic.
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With a low conversion rate, it is very difficult to get brands to work with you. How do they trust that the sponsored post they are paying for is going to bring in the desired results? Brands aside, I wouldn’t, personally, want a following that doesn’t care about what I have to say.
This is why unlike other people, my opinion about somebody unfollowing me is different. When someone unfollows me, I am convinced that they are helping me prune my audience. If I have 1,000 Instagram followers and just a half of them are interested in what I have to say, I would be extremely happy to have the other half leave my followers list. I would like to know how many of us are “in business together”.
Do you get me? That’s why I say over and over again, it is never a bad thing to have people unfollow you because it is mostly not personal. Don’t also forget that people deactivate their accounts every day.
The truth is that while there are some very hard and fast rules to different social media
platforms (these are derived from understanding Algorithms and proposing laws that work), some of these methods are experimental. Some of them are also picked up from watching what other people are doing and how they interact with
their audience. I have tried and tested some methods and because they worked, I can recommend them to you.


How do you drive engagement on Instagram?


Define your interests


One thing I have learned about Instagram is that having people of like minds follow you
sparks a lot of feedback because they are genuinely interested. Let people know upfront what you are doing on Instagram. Don’t be a random Instagram user.


If you want to share your life with your followers, let them know. This really works if you
have a personal blog. It works even if you don’t have too. Just get them to have an overall picture of what you would like to achieve with your page. If it’s going to be a page on thrift clothing, do say.You might do this in your bio. Substantiate what you have in your bio with your pictures.



One or two random or off pictures are okay but limit them to the barest minimum. I want to be able to predict the next picture on a health and fitness Instagram feed. If I were following a lingerie store too, I don’t want to see pictures that are frequently off.



This is why you should learn to stick to your message. A lot of times brands that are off
your niche may approach you. One or two instances of these are fine, be careful of not distracting your following. A natural hair page cannot afford to be promoting nail polish brands every time. Learning to say no is important.

Interact with the people in your circle


Social media is supposed to be social. Interact with people in your niche and circle. Be genuinely interested. If you want people to comment more on your page, comment on theirs. It is very easy to double tap and move on but I want to confidently tell you that it may not give you the type of engagement that you want if you want people to comment.
Pause on some accounts and actually comment. Not “nice”, “cool pix”. Uhn uhn. Give your opinion, honestly commend a cause, and answer a question.
Also, just before you make a post on Instagram, try to engage with at least 10 people in your feed. It is a way to prepare them to interact with yours too.


Present Quality


Yes, yes, yes, I know. Instagram is to satisfy our vanity. I also understand the need to not abuse the platform. But did you know that people are beginning to have actual conversations on Instagram? Did you know that people are beginning to even blog on Instagram?


In fact, I could in the future decide to make my Instagram a mini blog, that’s even if it’s not one already, lol. All I just give you is my address: htttps://


So, give out quality. Accompany quality pictures with quality text/caption. Share something new, ask a question, and answer a frequently asked question. Get your followers involved. You don’t always have to write a lengthy caption, just be useful and stay relevant.


I say this over and over again. Nothing beats quality. If you can’t afford to get stunning pictures every time, compensate your average pictures with what you dish out in your caption. If you have access to a good photographer, strike a deal and learn a few picture editing techniques. Also note that people respond a lot to your personality. If your brand is less personal, build a persona around it. You might do it with colour schemes or a cohesive Instagram feed etc.…


Respond to every comment on your photo


No, don’t be tempted to ignore or become full of yourself. It’s actually not easy to comment on people’s Instagram photos. The best way to appreciate that effort is to respond and react to the comment. You won one more interested follower. This person is going to come back to comment again or even repost your photo.


I say this from experience. Be sure to answer queries, delete foul comments and be grateful for testimonials. As a rule, you can drive more engagement from your existing engagement. Build meaningful relationships with your followers in the comments section. No need to rush, every little thing that you do adds up to your overall growth. Rome was not built in a day, so don’t be in a hurry. Slow and steady…


Be consistent


You guessed right! I am always going to talk about consistency. You don’t want to keep
your Instagram followers waiting to see your next goodness. Show up. If your Instagram handle is going to stick to people’s heads, you have to be in their faces. Not in an annoying way tho’.


Being consistent is not the same as spamming your followers’ feeds. Be considerate. If you want to post once a day, thrice a day, thrice a week, don’t miss it. Some folks will see you and ignore once, they can’t after the 50th time if you bring quality to the table. When someone follows you, the best way to keep them is to keep being who they fell in love with in the first place and better.


Next week on the social media segment, I will share five other methods to drive engagement on Instagram, so stay tuned. What other methods do you employ to drive engagement on Instagram? I would love to hear from you.


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