Don’t give up ; keep pushing

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One of the life damaging mistakes you must not make is to give up because if you do, life will laugh scornfully at you. Many have walked the path of uncertainty like you are probably in now. They came out with persistence.

The temptation to ask yourself this question: “why am I even on earth” will always come; it is not a sin to ask such. It shows that you are on the brink of discovering the reason for your existence and when you do, never make the mistake of surrendering when things gets tough because it will only get better if you press on; if you keep at it.

A little step further could be the breakthrough and if you give up, then you have lost your place of dominion. That vision you have, why not start it? The secret of a successful vision is that your present standpoint may be negating the vision. All you need is to start and have credence in yourself that you can achieve it.

Another is to set your heart firmly on the vision. Never mind the “many voices” that will be against you. It is called “life’s wind” and you are born to soar above winds. The renowned public speaker Dale Carnegie once said “The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.” Your existence is to dominate in all you do.

Many tend to wonder what is in this life. They are already walking on the highway of mediocrity, such people are limited; they do not see themselves enjoying the good things of life. They are not go-getters but give up even before they see the result. Never be among that circle, you will only fizzle away like the morning dew. The spiritual activist Marianne Williamson once said that “Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognise how good things are.”

Whether we like it or not, this world is a place for great exploit, forget about the current chaos happening in the world. The vision you want to abandon may be the liberating factor. Don’t give up.

Never make that mistake of giving up because if you do, it may even cause you your life.

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