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Don’t Get Mad, Get Even 2019 (Nollywood Movie) Review

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Don’t Get Mad, Get Even is an interesting but over flogged and exhausting movie. While I had fun enjoying the funny scenes, I was uncomfortable with the back and forth. Maybe the writers were confused at a point, maybe they didn’t know how to end it, I honestly can’t say.

Before I even move on to details of my review of Don’t Get Mad, Get Even, I want to quickly reiterate this. Whatever these next Nollywood guys do next, please, please and please oh, is it possible that they don’t ever play the piano? Why must someone play the piano though? It’s so not Nigerian. Sometimes it is so ridiculous I am embarrassed. That out of the way…

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Movie Synopsis

Two brothers Jaiye (eldest) and Juwon Kuti drift apart when Juwon decides to drop out of school and pursue music. His elder brother, Jaiye goes on ahead to become a University Lecturer. Life happens to Jaiye and he is rendered homeless. He reconnects with his brother and stays with him for a while. 

Juwon and Jaiye constantly quarrel because of their conflicting lifestyles. Jaiye, being a womanizer falls in love with Ada who turns everything around for him. Maybe not for good!

My Overall outlook of Don’t Get Mad, Get Even Movie

It was a good and brilliant story but the climax was not properly reached. It bored out and caused me to want it all to end. Where they were supposed to send us home from the cinema was where the last quarter of the movie started.

I must say, I liked the very unexpected twist. It was very sweet and pleasant. Don’t Get Mad, Get Even is a movie with a lot of mixed feelings. Excellent at a point, awful at the next. Watching was a chore after a while. We just wanted to finish the last penny of our ticket money.

It was a case of – we have waited out more than half of this movie, we could as well just chill out on the rest of it. About eight people stood up to leave the cinema and that has been the most I have seen anyone leave. In pairs of two each, they walked out. That’s not good. 

The part where we were being schooled on marriage and sex was utterly ridiculous. Short and sweet is how it’s supposed to work. You chip in the message or share the thoughts and leave the matter.


Saheed Balogun was 100 percent. At first, it felt weird to see him act as a gateman but a few seconds into his act, I decided that they could not have picked a better person. He was funny as hell. His accent in that stead was perfect. He killed that role! I was very impressed.

In my own opinion, Toyin Abraham was not the right person for her role. This babe is one of the brightest Yoruba movie actors I have ever seen on screen. There was this one time I was to watch a Yoruba movie with someone. I asked if Toyin Abraham was in it and she said no.

I told her I wasn’t watching. I explained that if the movie turns out bad, I will take consolation in that I saw Toyin Abraham because usually, all the time, her act is always the highlight of a movie for me. Of course, my dear friend returned the SMH look. Lool.

In Don’t Get Mad, Get Even, her role should have been played by a typical Igbo girl. She was able to pull off the hilarious scenes but where we wanted to hear the Ngozi kind or accent and feel the Nnena kind of vibe, it was completely missing.

Nancy Isieme was very good. She pulled off her role effortlessly. She has the perfect control of her character. Her acting was really smooth.

For fear of sounding too critical, I think they could have picked a more Kasanova ish actor. Femi Jacobs still looks like a nice guy to me. I have seen him in too many nice guy movies to have him make me believe this character in Don’t Get Mad, Get Even. His costume, I must say, however, looked the part!

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even Movie Cast

  • Femi Jacobs
  • Toyin Abrahams
  • Nancy Isieme
  • Saheed Balogun
  • Deyemi Okanlanwon
  • Kenneth Okolie
  • Patience Ozonkwor
  • Jide Kosoko
  • Ayo Adesanya
  • Afeez Oyetoro
  • Jumoke George


For me, this is a 5/10. You might just need to prepare for anything. Be happy when the movie makes you happy and when you feel bored, take solace in the fact that you were warned.

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