Surprise! Domino’s Pizza now in Abeokuta!

domino's pizza

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domino's pizza

If they said Domino’s Pizza would be in Abeokuta,  Ogun state, in 2018, I bet you would express utter disbelief. This was what happened when Shoprite showed up in Ota, Ogun state. Y’all were vexed it wasn’t in Abeokuta, I can remember vividly.

Do you know that till now, when I check my blog’s analytics, I still see searchers searching for “Shoprite in Abeokuta” and I am like, seriously! Sorry to burst your bubble o, it’s in Ota. Thank you.

Abeokuta, Ogun state’s capital, recently, has been taking new shapes and looks.

Domino's pizza, Ogun state

The recent expansion of roads has given Abeokuta a refined look, thus, opening doors of opportunities for more investors to improve the economy of the state.

Domino’s Pizza, Abeokuta Address

Well, In addition to the catering and relaxation center in the state capital is the on going construction of Domino’s Pizza and Cold Stone at Ibara (former Kings Hall and Super Foods Building).


Omotomi Lola, also known as the Village Girl in her #VillageGirlDairy on Facebook brought this to our notice. She made a video too, my friends are in there serving her the haters jest. She also dashed me pictures.

She said,

“This is an awesome move. Abeokuta is gradually coming into limelight. Sales already began”

By the way,  Omotomi Lola is a Radio Host & Freelance Writer. You can find her on all her social media handles as Omotomi Lola.

Abeokuta peeps, y’all can feel free to come and represent. Shoprite can stay in Ota, you can enjoy your Domino’s pizza in Abeokuta.

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(12) Comments

  1. Welldone Esther Adeniyi, you've done a good job.
    To my village girl Omotomi Lola thanks for repping us well.

    1. Thank you David.

  2. dem Abk peeps will come here to do local champions.

  3. Wale Ode says:

    Abeokuta girls will not let someone rest again. Any small thing, let's go to domino's pizza.

    1. Wow, you pipoooooo! ahahahahahaha

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, Abeokuta is getting there. When Black Panther released, my Lagos friends said it will take 2 years to have it here in Abeokuta, they went into hiding when OOPL Cinemas showed it including all other blockbusters. And I guess Shoprite is on the way. now, we don't have to travel to be relaxed anymore.

    1. Okay o, console yourselves o. Ahahahahahahahaha….

  5. ShopRite is coming soon to abeokuta too atleast it's already under construction

    1. Oh, second person saying this. So, it's true then? Okay na. Great!

  6. anonymous says:

    dominos is now at sango ota

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      Are you like serious right now? Where abeg??? I am in Ota as we speak, let me go and check tomorrow. What pizza can do to somebody’s life!!! Finally, the light has shone on us.

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