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Grab Domino’s pizza 50% off now!

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I knew Domino’s pizza was bringing something irresistible when I saw the Domino’s pizza 50% off trending. 2019 has started with Domino’s pizza promo again.

So, here is where the 50% discount applies. If you order any Medium Pizza and Pan Meatpie pizza via the new Domino’s website and App, you get 50% off.

Good thing is that it applies to all your favourite flavours; American Classic Cheeseburger, Veggie Supreme, Chicken Bali, Chicken Suya, Pepperoni, Meatzza, Barbecue Chicken, Tex-Mex.

Domino's pizza 50% off

As long as they are medium sized and they are ordered via the website or app, you have your Domino’s pizza 50% off the initial price

This discount offer runs from 7th January to 7th February 2019.

If God has placed it in your heart to love up on me, don’t forget to order pizza for me too o.

Click here to order now.

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