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DIY fruit smoothie hair condition

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DIY fruit smoothie hair condition

Hello ladies,
I hope you’ve had fun your way through the DIY masks for hair and skin posts. I’m bringing thus series to an end with this awesome smoothie hair condition.

What you will need

* 1/2 banana
*1/4 avocado
*1/4 pawpaw
*1 tbsp yoghurt
*1 vitamin E capsule


Blend fruits and yoghurt together. Add vitamin E capsule. Mix ingredients together until well blended. Apply to hair from roots to ends. Leave in for 15mins, rinse.

We have come to the end of this series. I’ll love to hear from you.

*Which one did you try?
*How did it work for you?
*Did you add anything outside the recipe?
*What did you add and how did it go?
*Questions and recommendations.

Thank you for staying tuned??

Sharing is caring!

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