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Detangle Your Natural Hair with Minimal Breakage

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detangle your natural hair

Growing your natural hair in its entirety needs a lot of patience. You need twice that patience to successfully detangle your natural hair with minimal breakage. A sibling wants to be like me,  she wants to grow her natural hair. I shook my head vehemently as soon as she told me about her decision. I laughed so hard that she cycled away. But who knows? I may be all she needs to grow and maintain a healthy natural hair.

Back to detangling. Detangling is the process of untying the knots in your natural hair by using a hair care tool or your fingers.  If you don’t detangle with patience, you might end up causing damage and breakage to what you are delicately protecting.

Detangling your natural hair is important because it not only gives you knot free, smooth hair strands, it helps to retain length.

First, make sure your natural hair is wet

This is very important. If it is not wet, you can get it damp by spraying with a water based spray. Mine is homemade and it comprises water, coconut oil and a protein based water moisturizer. It is also better to have your hair washed and then conditioned to soften it.

Be careful tho’ because wet hair is delicate and can break easily too. The keyword in detangling is PATIENCE. Some people detangle their hair while it’s dry. Inasmuch as I support doing what works best for one, I feel it’s putting strain on the hair strands. This is turn can lead to hair breakage.

You may also apply a detangling lotion

This is optional. What you need is a damp hair. If you don’t have a detangling lotion, you can still go on ahead to detangle but if you have or can get it, it would sure reduce the pressure on your natural hair.

Finger detangle

This may take minutes, hours or a whole day, depending on the volume and thickness of your hair. So,  get busy with something else like a movie or a book while you finger detangle.

For your voluminous hair,  part into sections and hold down with a clip. Work each section and then secure. Detangle from tip to root, carefully using your fingers to separate the knots. Be careful not to have broken nails or cracked fingers that can cause hair to rip off as you finger detangle.

Use a good quality wide tooth comb

After you finger detangle, use a wide tooth comb to finish the job. You still have to work from tip to root until the coast is clear to comb in from root to tip. To avoid breakage or ripping out, make sure the comb teeth is in perfect condition, no splitting or bending.

Pack the detangled section

After every detangling, secure the section to avoid retangling. It is best to braid it out. After you are done, repack the whole of your hair or style as desired.

Detangling your natural hair gives it space to grow well. How do you detangle your natural hair? Any extra tips?

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