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Dermaliss Lotion De Beaute Facial Cleanser Review

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Dermaliss Lotion (facial cleanser) is my current facial cleanser fave right now. This is undoubtedly the best facial cleanser ever. If this were a sponsored post, I would say so so that you can put your guards up. This isn’t a sponsored post, this is a review by a girl who has struggled to find the perfect facial cleanser.

I didn’t even know what to title this post and this is because I don’t know how to name the product itself. One, there are not too many reviews of Dermaliss products on the internet right now and as such it’s been difficult to know how to properly address the product.

I have two of the Dermaliss facial cleaners right in front of me as I write so I will just describe them by what’s written on the bottle so that it’s easy for you to get it. Below is a picture of the Dermaliss lotions so that you have no way of missing it.

Dermaliss facial cleanser and bleaching lotion
Dermaliss facial cleanser on the left, Dermaliss bleaching lotion on the right

The first time I ever came across any of Dermalisss products was when I complained to an older woman about my skin. It was just a casual, conversational complaint. I don’t usually converse freely with older women anyway. I am usually careful of not spewing the wrong things, especially with older Yoruba women.

She must have made me really comfortable anyway. So, she asked me to try her facial cleanser. When I saw ‘bleaching body lotion‘ on the Dermaliss bottle, I was indeed skeptical but I have known different products that claim to bleach or make you fair but don’t. I also know of products that give you the illusion that you’d be bleached but in reality don’t work the way we think it works. An example is Nivea Natural Fairness. You can read my complete review of the body lotion.

I began to use Dermalis lotion in good faith because even though she wasn’t dark, she obviously didn’t look bleached. Here’s what’s written on the packaging of the lotion she gave me : Dermaliss Lotion De Beaute Gommage Bleaching Body Lotion.

When I was done with this product, I didn’t attempt to buy another one because she had mentioned that there are a lot of fake Dermaliss products and I can’t afford to go get it myself, she has someone who got it for her. Well, I gave up even though it worked really well. There was also no way to reach her sooner.

On one of my monthly shopping, I sighted the bottle and I was like, oh my, please put that in my cart. I am very familiar with the store so I trusted that what I was getting was going to be original and not fake. The inscription on this product however was : Dermaliss Lotion De Beauty Gommage Cleaner Body Lotion. I have no idea if it’s supposed to be Cleaner or Cleanser.

I began to use it in good faith hoping the results would be as good as the one that had the ‘bleaching body lotion’ inscribed on it. The smell and feel and consistency were same anyway, so I used on. The results have been amazing.

Dermaliss bleaching lotion ingredients

dermaliss bleaching lotion ingredients
dermaliss bleaching lotion ingredients

Dermaliss lotion cleanser ingredients

dermaliss facial cleanser ingredients
dermaliss facial cleanser ingredients

What I love about Dermaliss Lotion facial cleanser

1. It cleared my skin of dark spots

Dermaliss lotion like I said is the best of all the facial cleansers I have used the entirety of my lifetime. In no time ( 3 days thereabout), I began to see massive changes on my skin. This was even when I was using Dermaliss bleaching body lotion. When I bought the Dermaliss cleaner too, same fast results.

2. My skin is smooth and really clear

It was when I started using Dermaliss lotion that I had the boldness to go to work face bare. You have no idea what it’s like to always have to cover up your facial skin flaws with powder everytime.

With Dermaliss lotion, all of that changed. This literally changed my story, maybe with a couple of other actions though.

I stopped using the hard water on my face overall so I switched to using sachet water to wash my face. That was my first step to getting a better skin. I then combined that effort with switching from the facial cleanser I was using to Dermaliss lotion.

3. It does not irritate my skin like the other facial cleansers

There is no single facial cleanser I have used that doesn’t give me the burning sensation. None, I am not joking here. I always overlooked that and used nonetheless because I felt that if everyone else could use them, why couldn’t I? I didn’t have adverse effects on my skin but none of those cleansers really made any special difference, obviously.

Dermaliss lotion was so different. No sensation, no irritation, just felt like I was using water on my face. What a spot on advantage. My goodness! After all these years of looking for a facial cleanser that would not irritate my skin? Alright, I was going to stick with Dermaliss lotion, so settled.

4. Even toned skin

I use Nivea Natural fairness and that works excellently well for my skin. With Dermaliss lotion, results have been super amazing. My skin is perfectly even toned now. I can say that Dermaliss eliminates pigment irregularities

5. Moisturizing feel after use

You obviously know of those facial cleansers you use that leave your skin feeling tight and absolutely dried out. The horror when I see my face all white! Because cleanser! Dermaliss lotion isn’t like that. The feel after use is really amazing.

How to use Dermaliss lotion

There is a ‘how to use’ instruction on the bottle. You can try to follow and vary until you get your own routine. I will only state how I use Dermaliss lotion just in case you’d like to use my routine.

I use it twice daily -morning and night. As soon as I wake up I apply it. I moisturize a small ball of cotton wool with it and rub all over my face and neck and sometimes a part of my upper chest.

Normally, I like to apply moisturizer on my face after using facial cleansers but with Dermaliss lotion, I feel just fine.

When I am back from work, I clean off my makeup if I am wearing with baby wipes, then wash my face when I have my bath. The time difference from having my bath to finally deciding to sleep is usually 1 -3 hours. Dermaliss lotion is the last thing I apply before going to bed.

Same process, moisturize the cotton wool and apply all over my face.

You might also like to know that I did a few other things to aid my skin to smoothness. I began to tie a scarf to bed to avoid having the oil or dirt from my hair on the pillow.

Recently, I was gifted a satin hair bonnet. If you follow me on Instagram you’d have seen the picture. I can as well paste another picture of this below.

Satin hair bonnet
Satin hair bonnet

I really love it, it’s so beautiful and functional.

I also change my pillow case very frequently. I wash it every week despite the fact that I have my hair covered.

What I don’t like about Dermaliss Lotion (facial cleanser)

1. No proper product name / description

Like I already expressly mentioned earlier , Dermaliss lotion is not that one product you know how to accurately address or name. We don’t even know whether it is a body lotion or facial cleanser. Of course it is a cleanser but can we also use it on the body (given the name)? I have no idea. It is not a properly named profuct at all.

2. Ugly packaging

Packaging has absolutely nothing to do with how I see a product many of the times especially when it really works. Of course I like beautiful product packaging but I don’t mind if it works and it’s ugly.

This is a thorough review I promised to do hence the reason I am mentioning this in the first place. Dermaliss lotion has a very ugly packaging, that’s all.

3. Not-too-pleasant smell

When my older friend and I had this facial cleanser conversation, it was early in the morning. When she eventually got me my own portion of Dermaliss lotion and I had a chance to smell it, I understand why she smelt that way in the morning.

I smell that way every morning too. After a while you will get used to the smell and be able to comfortably use it without feeling put off. The smell isn’t particularly awful but I must warn that it is not pleasant. There is obviously no sweet-smelling ingredient in Dermaliss lotion lol.

4. I have eczema on one side of my cheek

I have no idea what’s causing my eczema. I don’t know if it’s Dermaliss lotion but I just thought I should mention that I have mild eczema just by one cheek. It is very mild, just a few spots of it, nothing serious. I don’t know if this is side effect of Dermaliss lotion though. I also don’t know much about eczema as I don’t ever have it. Hopefully, it’s not even eczema, hopefully.

The possible side effect of Dermaliss lotion

I read somewhere that some people experience paleness when they use it every day so they reduced it to 3 times a week. I can as well take the cue and use it just once a day, probably every night.

I would suggest that you establish your own routine depending on your results. I will see what happens when I reduce to once a day. The eczema-like patches may disappear.

Dermaliss Lotion Price

I bought Dermaliss lotion de beauty gommage cleaner for 550 Naira. I don’t know how much the bleaching body lotion is. My guess is that you should not be spending up to 800 Naira to get any of them. Depending on where you get it, budget 1,500 Naira for it.

Where to get Dermaliss lotion facial cleanser

Remember I mentioned that I stumbled on this product in one of the credible stores in my area. Dermaliss lotion is one very difficult facial cleanser to see, not to even mention getting.

The woman who gave me a portion of her own had mentioned that she got it from Ivory Coast through a friend. I was like, uh! Lol! That was why I gave up on searching for it when it finished.

If you are in Lagos and you really really need to get this, I could help you buy or direct you to the store, it’s at Pako bus stop, Yaba. If demands are more, I can as well get a larger stock for myself and resell.

If you mind the stress, you can just check here on Jumia or buy here on Konga

Now,  beyond using these synthetic products are natural, organic skin care alternatives called essential oils.  You should check here for how to move forward in that regard.


I think this is necessary, very very necessary. I took a long hard look at my face and realized that it wasn’t eczema, my face was bleaching. I am not even using the Dermaliss bleaching lotion. What I use is the facial cleaner. I will take some time to study what happens. In the meantime, I will reduce application to three times a week.

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