Denola Grey

Denola Grey: Nigerian Prince of Style

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Denola Grey is a Media Presenter and a fashion writer. Because of his very fond flair and vast knowledge, he is a fashion consultant and style blogger. He is in Lagos Nigeria. Denola Grey is a guy who strongly believes in self expression with the aid of fashion. This is evident in his individuality and show of personal style.

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He is a graduate of Media Business from Baylor University, Texas. He has had some experience working in New York as a Fashion PR after which he moved to Nigeria for his NYSC.

Denola Grey Denola Grey slaying Denola Grey style

On Debonair, he was asked what year and when he got his big break. In his own words, “I would definitely say 2014, the year I launched my website. I teamed up Toyosi Kekere-Ekun and we shot some pictures for my website ( ) In June of that year, the launch was very well-received and I started writing for Bella Naija. I got my first TV offer with Ebony Life in November of that year and also went to some events, which gave me some great red carpet moments.”

Denola Grey in white and peach

Denola Grey Denola Grey in Yellow suit

Denola Grey’s Style

Denola Grey says that his favorite designers are Tom Ford, Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Leeman and Orange Culture.

Denola Grey in corporate suit Denola Grey in casuals Fashion blogger, Denola Grey

Denola Grey began his fashion career at only 18 and gained immense success. He progressed in his career as a media consultant and has exponentially catapulted his fashion career under the Grey Brand to heights unimaginable. One peculiar thing about him is how very little of his personal life the public knows.

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