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Democracy day in Nigeria: Disappointments and future expectations

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May 29th in Nigeria is celebrated as democracy day. It’s funny how we have never had to look forward to this day with optimism and hope. Democracy day 2018 seems like one of such regular years. We are back again into the cycle just to start all over again. Frustrations, let down expectations and disappointments. I wish this was not a pessimistic post but it’s so sad that it is.

That we are recently transcending from a happy children’s day celebration into another celebration of despair and struggle isn’t quite something to be happy about. The history of democracy day in Nigeria is one of hopes and joys and new beginnings. Sadly, we cannot say that this year and I am wondering, where do we go from here?

Is this how we are going to continue? Like this? Why do we celebrate democracy day in Nigeria anyway? To commemorate the freedom and release from our political bondage and shackles of slavery? Why? To signify the start of a Nigeria’s new year? Why, really?

Buhari Democracy day speech this year is one to look forward to. A lot of Nigerians even though seem not to be interested in what he has to say anymore have some yearnings to hear from him. I know that Nigeria is so difficult to lead because we must be honest with ourselves, this change starts from each and every one of us. We have a role to play but we seem to have left it to the government to handle. The government cannot do everything for us, I hope we realize, quickly.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has declared Tuesday, May 29 to be a public holiday to celebrate Democracy Day in Nigeria. Last week Friday in Abuja, the Minister for Interior, retired Lt.-Gen Abdulrahman Dambazau on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria declared this. He admonished and urged all Nigerians to trust the government and support it in building a greater nation.

I hope that some of the achievements that citizens of the nation are accomplishing will serve as cushion for the disappointments we feel right now. I also hope that we can use this day to remember to be thankful and grateful no matter what.

Happy Democracy Day,

May 29

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