Deep Relief and AromaEase the perfect workout combo
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Deep relief + AromaEase : the perfect workout relief combo

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About a week ago, I joined a gym. It is the most mental sapping exercise in a long time. It involves a lot of your physical energy but you have to be mentally strong alongside.

So after the second session, I thought of giving up but I already paid for 2 months. See, if you are going to take workout with a professional fitness trainer seriously, you should register for more than a month.

If you value money, you will find it difficult to quit. Well, that was the case here too. I couldn’t bring myself to stop going so I continued.

One morning, I woke up and could barely walk. I do not think that my pain threshold is low so when I say I could barely walk, I meant I was in pains. It was worse by evening.

A friend had advised me not to go on painkillers. He said essential oils or other natural methods of numbing the pain would be perfect. In addition, I was to use my limbs and body like nothing happened.

Oh my! You know I am a member of Young Living Essential oils but as of now, I have not purchased the essential oil fitness pack so I decided to look for oils that could serve as an alternative.

I began to diffuse and inhale AromaEase. At night, I would apply Deep Relief essential oil roll-on at the back of my neck and my temples.

AromaEase has the following ingredients :

AromaEase essential oil blend, AromaEase essential oil blend by young living

Mentha piperita† (Peppermint) oil
Mentha spicata† (Spearmint) leaf extract
Zingiber officinale† (Ginger) root oil
Elettaria cardamomum† (Cardamom) seed oil
Foeniculum vulgare† (Fennel) oil
†100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil

You can find more detailed information on the other suggested uses and information here.

Deep Relief Essential oil roll on by Young Living contains the following :

Deep relief essential oil roll on, Deep relief essential oil roll on ingredients, Deep relief essential oil roll on for workout

Peppermint (Mentha piperita)
Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea)
Clove (Syzygium aromaticum)
Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbes)
Lemon (Citrus limon)
Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum)
Copaiba (Copaifera reticulate)
Coconut oil.

You can find more detailed information on the other suggested uses and information here.

It worked like magic so I concluded, this combination would be a perfect workout companion.

I diffused Aromaease the next morning in my neck Chain diffuser and also applied Deep Relief essential oil roll-on as liberally as possible.

Young living neck diffuser

I remember chatting my trainer up to say I feel nada. No pain!

Maybe you want to rev your workout and gym sessions, you should try this combo. Luckily, you can carry them around and you won’t even notice.

Here is how to get original essential oil products.

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