Dear Young Woman, it’s time to step up

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Dear Young Woman,

It is a beautiful day as the sun
shines mildly on a day when the country celebrates her democracy day. We cannot
refuse to see the positive steps we have taken as a country. We also cannot but
see how far we could have gotten if we indeed sailed with caution over the past
five decades. The struggles are real as people wake up every day to different
levels of uncertainties especially bothering on the side of hunger. People need
food to survive and a vast majority of this responsibility, in a family
setting, boils down on the woman.
Our struggles are laid bare
before us and so is the answer towards survival. As the society gradually,
albeit slowly, begins to embrace the emancipation of women from being just
housekeepers and homemakers to successful career women, we must begin to
continually be reminded not to rest on the successes. It is not a fight against
men, as some school of thought will always like to turn the narrative. But the
message should be about having the same and equal opportunity to compete,
contest and aim towards same positions as a man would.
We should remind ourselves again,
today, that it is not an issue of standing shoulder to shoulder with the man
because in the true sense of it, using the man as a yardstick of measurement,
already is a wrong perception to the basis of the matter. So we say it is not
as fight. It is yearn for equality – a mental reorientation of treating every
one equally, irrespective of gender.
Women have indeed recorded
successes overtime and so have men. The same can be said of the failings and
failures for both genders. We all need to begin to beyond the judgmental eye of
“a man would have done it better” or “a woman should not have been given the
mandate”. No size fits all, and to each, his/her own destiny. Men are breaking
records every day and so are women. Women are making new discoveries every day
and so are men.
It is a public holiday and a time
to look inward to see how far we have come as a country, but just may be we
need to see beyond that. Maybe we should look beyond where we are and start
seeing where we need to be.
Dear Young Woman, it is time to
step up.

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