Dear Older Lady, Being Nasty is a Choice!

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I was going through my Instagram feed this morning and I am so happy that people are speaking up about this. In schools, at work, everywhere, older women are becoming very nasty and intolerant. They pose to be good women in church but are saucy to the younger generation outside church. So much of double standards. 

A younger lady will feel threatened instead of warm in the presence of these older women. Why? Things really need to change because this attitude is a choice. You can decide to be cool, calm, respectful and warm. You can choose to be polite, respectful and humble. You can choose to lead by example. I want you to read from @etiquettebykanyin

“Today, we speak to the many emails we receive regarding older ladies treating younger ladies unfairly at their places of work or other spheres of life.

Firstly, treating another person unfairly is a choice, and doing so because you are older and see the other person as inferior is the most callous. When did age become an important variable for intelligence, capabilities, achievements etc! We all advance at different paces hence the need to respect one another.

How does a female boss calling her staff a ‘MONKEY’ sound? The degradation is unbelievable!

If you have a female boss who is firm on you, empowers you and produces good results, then good for you – you’d be silly not to appreciate that.

But a BULLY IS A BULLY! Constantly talking down at someone and treating them in an inhumane manner, because you see them as a threat makes you a coward. You can’t completely shatter someone’s confidence and self esteem and think you are a winner. That’s a wicked soul!

Character says a lot about the kind of person you are. You can’t wear the religious hat outside work, but at work your outward disposition and interactions with others, especially younger females, embodies the complete opposite.  Perhaps you are older and female, making great strides – those who are younger and serious would want to learn from you as you’ll be a great resource. But certainly not with a proud attitude.

There are a lot of Gracious, Confident, Warm, Friendly, Accommodating and Accessible older ladies out there, we salute you.

Again, it’s important to say, you can’t be all good things as no one is perfect but try to be some good things and be known for good character and treating people fairly.”

Source : Instagram via @etiquettebykanyin

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