Dear Entrepreneur, know these 50 things or you are closing shop soon!

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Entrepreneurship is daring enough, going about it the wrong way will additionally frustrate you. When people say that entrepreneurs are strong people, they aren’t kidding. They have seen examples. Entrepreneurs have had to teach themselves many things.

Sometimes you have to be both your financial manager and external relations officer. The first steps of establishing a business is very critical. You will make many mistakes and stumble a lot. If you are not quick to stand back up on your feet, learn from these mistakes and forge on, you may have a hard time forging on.

Being an entrepreneur myself, I have been inspired by a lot of things and I would love to share wisdom nuggets very quickly. This is a compilation of lessons from my personal experiences, books I have read and experiences of other entrepreneurs I know.

Here are 50 important tips for you as an entrepreneur

1. Your business cannot be everything to everybody
2. Identify your through-thick-and-thin folks and nurture the relationship.
3. Business and pleasure don’t meet for good.
4. Pay yourself a salary.
5. ‎Avoid eating up your profit
6. ‎Your workers are your internal customers, considerably make them happy.
7. ‎ Mix with the serious guys
8. Stand on the shoulders of trail blazers in your industry.
9. ‎ Define your business goals and know when you are steering away.
10. ‎Not everybody will understand you.
11. Not everybody will support you.
12. ‎Your mental and emotional states matter to your business, grow up.
13. ‎Don’t just move on, learn from your mistakes.
14. ‎Stop repeating what isn’t working.
15. ‎Be flexible or break hard.
16. ‎You are going to have sleepless nights, so embrace it.
17. ‎Learn how to manage your time. Not everything should concern you.
18. ‎Don’t be everywhere, be selective.
19. ‎Try to know what’s giving you results over and over and stick with it. Keep improving on it.
20. ‎Be accountable to someone.
21. ‎Build relationships with people in your niche.
22. ‎Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.
23. Know your stuff. Understand your business inside and out.
24. ‎Be resourceful and value conscious.
25. ‎Deliberately take breaks to refuel.
26. Identify your competitors and learn from them.
27. ‎ Remember why you started.
28. ‎ Flush out negativity through meditation.
29. ‎ Latch on reasonable trends.
30. ‎ Celebrate other entrepreneurs.
31. ‎ Revise your process once in a while.
32. ‎ Take advantage of social media.
33. ‎Don’t be too proud or shy to ask for support.
34. ‎Learn how to discern destructive criticism. Politely move away from negativety.
35. ‎ Lower your business expenses where it makes sense.
36. ‎ Go on retreats and feel human.
37. ‎ Frequently remind yourself that it can take a while before the big hit
38. ‎ Don’t be too quick to trust ‘helpers’. Ask them what they are getting in return.
39. ‎ Remember that your health is very important.
40. ‎ Speak your brand!
41. ‎ You may need to learn public speaking. This immensely pushes up your brand. Here is a public speaking resources blog
42. ‎ know when to confidently contribute and when to refrain.
43. ‎ Never underestimate people. They could be your best subordinate in 3 years.
44. ‎ Clearly define your goals.
45. ‎ Integrity is very important. Keep your promises 9.8 out of 10 times.
46. ‎ Allow space for people to disappoint you. That way your heart isn’t broken in too many places.
47. ‎Get your business online. If you are online, why isn’t your business?
48. ‎ Stop making excuses, take the next leap.
49. ‎ It’s okay for you not to know the next thing. Slow and steady, slow and steady.
50. ‎Know your worth.

I feel like having an entire article on the last point. Many times, new entrepreneurs are up and about, they are everywhere, doing everything because they haven’t necessarily understood that they are worth more than pleasing the gods of the land. There is a thin line between self confidence and ego but as soon as you spot where it is, wear your self confidence like someone who knows why they started.

Dear Entrepreneur, if you are very serious about this, here is a very resourceful video, it is absolutely where to start from. It features advice from the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Watch below :

Let me hear from you guys. Are you an entrepreneur? What point on this list can you relate to the most? What else do you think should be on this list? Let’s chat in the comments section.


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