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Dear Blogger, You are Enough!

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I hope that this will be short and sweet and that this blog post will accomplish exactly what it is supposed to accomplish – yank you off your blogging depression and get you back on your feet, blogging with boldness.

I understand, you are already lost. Too many other Bloggers are doing bigger things. Did you remember to tell me they started after you? You are working too hard, you deserve more. That’s even a sweater story compared to that you don’t even know what to talk about on your blog anymore. I understand.

Everyday, there are moves, intentional and non intentional to make you feel substandard, below par, too average, lazy, behind. One day, your Blogger esteem is high. the next, it is less than zero.  School work is even on the high, so you have an excuse to feel down. Your boss is demanding more than the usual, you could as well get the heck off your blog. I totally get it.

Listen, you are enough! You may not believe that, but try. You are enough in your own right! Wherever you are in your blogging journey right now, I want you to know that you have done well. You haven’t even shut down your blog. That’s the worst you can do, right? You haven’t. Even if you have at a point, you are back up. You still have a blog, that’s all that matters.


Strive to work towards being a better Blogger. Collaborate, meet with other Bloggers, learn from people, be inspired by their works but never ever think that you are less. Stop cringing.

Blog unapologetically, share your blog with boldness, introduce your brand like you know what you are doing (even if you are still finetuning your process),  be internally motivated, do your stuff, Blogger, do your thing.

I hope that you realize that your blog is a powerful platform. I hope that you realize that you don’t need other people to feel validated as a Blogger. I hope that you realize that you are just enough.

I love you.

P. S- if you really need someone to talk to, send me an email (

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