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There Is Such A Thing As Dating Burnout…

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If this pushes an a-ha out from within your soul, I might have just helped you define it. You don’t know what it is but it feels unpleasant. What’s most worrisome is that you are worried that it feels unpleasant.

Dating burnout is totally normal and here are better ways to describe your dating fatigue:

  • You don’t want to meet new people anymore. I mean, the last three dates were indescribably stressful.
  • You are beginning to accept the lie “no one is ever going to be your type”.
  • You are finally giving buying a cat a thought, lol.
  • Your friends are more excited about your dates than you are.
  • It’s okay if they want to buy pizza or just watch wrestling. Either way, they call all the shots, you are not bothered!
  • Getting to know someone better all of a sudden feels like a chore.

Every now and then you are going to wonder if there is a perfect match for you. If they would just come already and spare you the stress of having to filter through all possible sorts of humans. 

If your date has not told you that they came one hour late and that is not supposed to be a serious issue, you have not experienced the worst! When this happened to me, I decided that I was going to die single. My tomb would be amongst nuns too.

Not only you think so, dating is much harder now. You would think swiping right or left should ease the burden of the search but it has become sadly more complicated. 

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what to do when you are tired of dating

If you are tired and stressed, this is what you should do: pause

Take a break and appreciate where you are at the moment. 

Maybe you should date yourself and have fun. These are 12 things you can do all by yourself. If you need company, go out and mingle with friends. Relieve yourself of the pressure to be with the perfect person and just network. 

If you don’t know how to mingle without expectations, shift your focus to how you feel about them at the moment. Are they fun to be with, enjoy them. Are they versatile, learn from them. Are they industrious, tap into their energy. 

If a relationship is going to blossom from being friends with them, it is not going to bring all of the fatigue you are feeling right now with it. 

Calm down and take this slowly. Just let go of the reins and be more intentional about enjoying where you are right now. 


You’ll find them. Maybe soon or later than you expect but you will. What you don’t want to do between now and then is to be exhausted. Keep some fire for them.

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