how to curb hunger during intermittent fasting
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How to curb hunger during intermittent fasting

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There is no denying of the fact the first few weeks of intermittent fasting for the Intermittent fasting beginner can be very difficult because of hunger pangs.

The very first few days of Intermittent fasting for me was even worse. I was so hungry that I wanted to give up. It was a lot of steadfastness on my part. I knew that if I wanted results, I would have to hold on and look for ways to cure hunger pangs.

Gradually, I began to experiment with a lot of things and research on what to do to curb hunger during intermittent fasting. If you don’t find what works for you, you may give up too soon on intermittent fasting.

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how to curb hunger during intermittent fasting

Drink lots of water during fasting

During Intermittent fasting, drinking lots of water can help to alleviate the feeling of hunger. Being dehydrated can be sometimes mistaken for hunger.

During intermittent fasting, no meals are ingested, yet you sweat or urinate. Remember that even our foods have water in them too. If you are eating nothing and drinking nothing, you can feel really dehydrated.

This can, in turn, induce a feeling of hunger. So drink a lot of water during intermittent fasting. Because drinking ordinary, plain water is not normally a habit, I wrote an article on how I trick myself to drink more water. You can read it here.

Brush your teeth at night

If you are doing the 16/8 intermittent fasting or any of the types of intermittent fasting that causes you to stop at night, (check the intermittent fasting methods), you can try to brush your teeth as soon as you are done with your last meal.

I don’t know how that works to help curb hunger during intermittent fasting but I must say that it has been of great help for me. You can try it too.

Get busy doing other productive things

Initially, your mind is stayed on the fact that you have not eaten. Gradually, you might begin to miss food and develop cravings. This in itself is not actual hunger, it is mostly emotional.

I realize that when I am busy doing other things, I forget that I have skipped a meal. So, genuinely get busy with doing something that will take your mind off hunger at the start of intermittent fasting.

Sleep well enough

When you do not get enough sleep and rest, you have a decrease in leptin and an increase in ghrelin which in the long run causes hunger.

I know that you might have heard in different places or read in different articles that getting enough sleep is very instrumental in weight loss. This is by far the sole reason!

Eat an apple

If you are so hungry you think it is unbearable, eat an apple. Intermittent fasting is not supposed to make your life miserable. Sure, you are going to feel very uncomfortable at the beginning of intermittent fasting, but not miserable.

So, While your body is getting to adapt, eat an apple to quench the hunger pangs and drink lots of water afterward.

Try caffeine

Coffee helps to give a feeling of fullness. There is no rule against coffee during intermittent fasting. You can make a cup and sip all through your hunger pangs.

Start intermittent fasting slowly 

Don’t rush into intermittent fasting too quickly. You may start with 12/12 until your body adjusts. Then gradually increase your fasting window.

During your eating window, eat enough protein and fat too. This will keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

Watch this video!

I found this video by Dr Eric Berg really helpful. You might click to watch it.

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